Thursday, April 29, 2010

Visit, satisfaction and warbling

- Another visit on Tuesday in Milledgeville to a home a few miles away, the family home that we are preparing to sell. When mom and dad moved their young family here, she lovingly planted this azalea so there would be some color in that corner in the spring.

- The satisfaction of gathering a couple of items to donate to the silent auction to benefit my church's preschool program this weekend. I always enjoy this event and it was fun to hand over the hand-blown wine glasses that I have never used, and the never worn watch, still in the box, with the dangling heart-shaped watch face. I hope someone will want them. :)

- Sitting in my car in front of my condominium building to finish a work related phone call, and watching neighbor Marion and his friend Hilda enter his place. They met more than 60 years ago and have always remained friends. When I exit my car, I can hear the faint sound of his piano playing and her sweet voice warbling a tune.


LL Cool Joe said...

The azalea is beautiful. :)

Wow, 60 years of friendship is very impressive. What was she singing?

Lynn said...

Joe -

Marion says they used to walk around the square of Decatur (nearby suburb of Atlanta) together.

I didn't recognize the song, but it was lovely to hear the faint sound of the piano and her singing.

TALON said...

The azalea is gorgeous! Isn't it wonderful to see it in full bloom all those decades later? Almost as remarkable as a sixty year friendship.

I'm sure your wineglasses and the watch (which sounds so pretty) will be snapped up, Lynn!

Meredith said...

The watch sounds so lovely (and I don't even wear watches) that I'm sure it will sell, and the wineglasses can't fail, Lynn. :)

I'm amazed to consider a 60-year-old friendship. But then when I stopped to think of it, my oldest friendship is now 22 years old, and most of that conducted with an ocean between us -- so all I have to do now is live another 38 years and keep it up, both of which I intend on doing!

Shyamanga said...

A beautiful home, a beautiful thought, and a friendship so beautiful. It's a touching read.

Maude Lynn said...

The azalea is beautiful!

Blue Bunny said...

i bet yor wotch and wine glases wil be the most speshull things in the whol aucshin!!

my jannie looked 2 weeks ago for azalas, butt the stor had none. my jannie byed a gardenya insted. butt shse stil hopping for a azalea.

wit loves.
blue bunny

Lynn said...

Talon -

That azalea has seen a lot over the years - a lot of coming and going. I hope my sisters might be able to get a clipping to root at their homes.

That watch was an impulse buy, but not practical to wear (for me) and the wineglasses just didn't make it back into the cabinets when I had them refinished. So I hope their new owner likes them. :)

Meredith -

It feels good to clean things out of my place that I don't need. I should do more of that.

That is lovely that you and your friend are still close even though there is an ocean between you. Hilda is the loveliest little lady - very chirpy and fragile. She has long long gray hair that she wears in a braid down her back. Marion look like Albert Einstein. He really does - same hair, too.

Shyamanga -

Thank you - and my parents' home seems to have lost its soul since they are not in it. I hope we can find someone to buy it who will love it.

Mama Zen -

I like that variety of azalea, too.

Blue Bunny -

I don't know - I saw a hand painted child's rocking chair that was pretty speshul and a hand woven rug. It is good that we will have lots of variety. :)


lady macleod said...

OH that's lovely; like a song.

Riot Kitty said...

I don't know if any of my friends would want to put up with me for 60 years!

That's impressive that your family lived in one place that long. Does it feel weird to be selling the house?

Snaggle Tooth said...

Ah the family home has a garden that will bloom on- I really miss my Mom's pink rose bush n Mountain Laurel. I love silent auctions! Good cause.
I have friends I always play music with too- some tunes always wait for those folks! Lifelong friends are the best! I still have a few from childhood- n do sing with them!

Lynn said...

Lady M -

Thank you - it is good to see you.

Riot Kitty -

I think they will be able to. :)

It does feel weird to be selling it. We are still clearing things out of it before we get to that point. I had a post last September that I talked about visiting the house after mom and dad first moved to Macon and sitting at the kitchen table imaging voices and laughter. I am not quite there anymore - it just seems strangely silent and empty.

Snaggle -

That is so nice that you play music with your childhood friend. I'll bet it feels special when you get together.

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

Happy May!
some friendship seeds.

Lynn said...

Jingle -

Thanks for the friendship seeds! How sweet. :)