Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rural living, tip and locked out

- My sister likens living in her sleepy little town in northern Florida to living in Mayberry. Last night she left a meeting with a group of women all going home in the same general direction. One of them called to say there was a horse in the middle of the road ahead that had gotten loose. Where exactly? she asked. Across from the goats. Ah! She knew exactly where that would be and decided that's what she loves about rural living.

- I thought about my sister yesterday while pumping gas. (She and her husband are in the petroleum distribution business.) She shared a tip not long ago when she was in the car with me. When paying at the pump by credit or debit card, always ask for a receipt. So many people are driving off without paying that you should have your proof of payment with you in the event you are misidentified as an offender and they send the police after your car.

- While trying to get into a building for my own meeting last night, I find I am locked out. So I sit on a nearby bench to wait and take a few moments to look at the fresh green leafy trees, birds checking out a nearby birdhouse and listening to church bells in the distance...


Blue Bunny said...



Jannie Funster said...

Ahhh, the song of church bells in the distance, is there a finer sound? Except maybe a train whistle in the distance. Or rain on a hot tin roof. Or is that a cat on a hot tin roof? Nope - rain, I think! :)

Lynn said...

Blue Bunny -

You are the early bird that has caught the worm. xo

Jannie -

Church bells always catch me by surprise. I do love to hear them.

Rain on a tin roof is pretty cool. :)

LL Cool Joe said...

I live in the country too. We have 10 horses on our land, sheep in the field next door, and last year a herd of cows escaped from another field and ended up in our garden. I love it. :)

Meredith said...

"Across from the goats!" I love that. :)

I'm definitely going to follow that tip! I usually get a receipt unless I am in a hurry -- but I had no idea so many people weren't paying lately. Is this a sudden wave or has it been building gradually since the oil price spike in 2008? I was just watching a documentary about the oil embargo in the 1970s, and comparatively 2008 wasn't so dramatic, but it seems to have left a kind of scar on the national consciousness nonetheless.

Granny Annie said...

We were coming home from the store last week and a cow was in the road. Ron knew the fellow that owned the property and drove up to the house to tell him. No one was home. By the time we got back to the road, traffic was backed up. Ron parked, got out, shooed the cow back up hill into the pasture with the other cows. He told the owner the next day and the guy said "those aren't my cows. I just let their owner use my pasture but he's going to have to move them because people are knocking on my door all day long about that one that keeps getting out." LOL

TALON said...

I love it - across from the goats!

Maybe more people are dodging paying because the economy is so bad...

There is something beautiful about church bells - especially at dusk.

Lynn said...

Joe -

I'll bet your place is beautiful.

Meredith -

They receive trade journals and I guess there are reports of that kind of thing there. I used to consistently say no to the receipt, but see the value in it now. I think of that every time I pump gas, so thought I would share.

Granny Annie -

My ex-husband used to have to go wrangle cows back into the pasture when we visited his parents' farm.

Talon -

I do love the church bells. And there was a couple who happened up while I was waiting. He was pacing around on the phone and she was in a tizzy about not being able to get in. She wouldn't sit down with me. I knew someone would come along and let us in and they did.

Riot Kitty said...

Across from the goats! I can't even imagine. Where I live that would be at the zoo!

Blue Bunny said...

yes, i catched a erlee werm todae, but i throwed him back. i eets only not meets. and me and wermy is gud frends now.

and looks -- i haz a new karrit!!


Lynn said...

RK -

I know - not much wildlife in Atlanta either. Although there was a zebra running up the expressway downtown recently - an escapee from the circus.

BB -

Well - how about that? A yummy carrot to pose with. Pretty cool!


Maude Lynn said...

I want to move to your sister's town!

Snaggle Tooth said...

Mayberry Fl... Nice when you need no further directions than where the goats are! Horses always go for the best grass to eat! I always get reciepts, just didn't know why!
I just called my lil sis yesterday - 4 days late for her B-day, but better than never!
getting locked out must've been aggrivating- good thing the church bells were ringing!

Lynn said...

Mama Zen -

It is Monticello, Florida and has a two page spread in the May issue of Southern Living. I like it there, but it is beastly hot and sticky in the spring and summer.

Snaggle -

Actually being locked out gave me a few minutes of outdoor time. Something I don't really get enough of.

Shyamanga said...

Lynn you should come to India whenever you get a chance and see the "loads of cows" galavanting on middle of the roads even in big cities. But, of course, India is a place to be discovered, explored and experienced. It's wonderful.

The northeastern part of India has some of the oldest and most beautiful churches in the country. Here's one:

Lynn said...

Shyamanga -

I have never seen anything quite like that cathedral - amazing. Thank you for sending the link.

India is on my list to visit. Is December the best time to come? My co-worker used to go home to India every December because it was not as hot, I think.

Shyamanga said...

Lynn, around Dec-Jan-Feb, it's the best time to come. The weather is quite pleasant. And of course, you are most welcome.

Lynn said...

Shyamanga -

Thank you - I might just visit sometime.