Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Waking up, back together and editing

- Saying in a comment last month that dogwood trees only have white blossoms and Kim in Florida (where are you, Kim?) sent a link showing that there pink ones out there. And this week discovering a pink dogwood tree in the driveway to my condominiums. I just hadn't noticed it before. Thanks Kim!

- Slowly putting my kitchen back together after the cabinets were refinished and the new floor was put in. The wood laminate floor feels cool and smooth under my bare feet.

- Editing all the stuff that had collected on the refrigerator and held up by magnets has been a challenge. But finally deciding to leave the side of the fridge at the entrance to the kitchen bare, and the front of it loaded with family photos and collected magnets.


LL Cool Joe said...

Are you pleased with the kitchen Lynn?

Lynn said...

Joe -

Yes - these were two affordable options. I would rather have had new cabinets, but the old ones refinished with a cherry stain look good. And I adore the floor. I also had the institutional looking flourescent light taken out and track lighting put in. I am very pleased.

But all the sanding dust clean up is another story.

Meredith said...

New floors and a pink dogwood are very good things. I hope you're enjoying your new kitchen and the spring bloom, Lynn, and without too much bother from the dust of the one and the pollen of the other. :)

TALON said...

I'm laughing at the magnet stuff on the fridge because I do the same thing - it looks clean and bright on the front and is smothered on one of the sides. I'm not sure how it's going to play out when we finish renovating the kitchen and the fridge goes to its new location. You're finally getting dust-free and I'm taking over - lol!

Lynn said...

Meredith -

There is lots of dusting going on. Oh my - that made a mess. But it is all worth it. :)

Talon -

True - sounds like it. I didn't realize how many really cool magnets I had until I took them down. There is one of the statue of William Wallace that I got in Scotland, a pottery pen holder magnet, two butterfly magnets that I got in one of the Smithsonian shops, etc etc.

desk49 said...

We have lots of dogwoods here in Oklahoma. White and pink never seen a blue one.

By the way HI Lynn.

Lynn said...


Yay! - it is so great to see you here.

I have never seen a blue one either. :) Oklahoma - where the wind comes sweeping down the plains. I'll be singing that all day now.

Lance said...

Ahhh....the refrigerator and all it collects! Hey, the side is empty! And the front has lots of good stuff on it yet, right!!!!

Riot Kitty said...

Your kitchen sounds lovely!

Lynn said...

Lance -

I am trying to have a bit less clutter, yet some clutter is fun, right?

RK -

It is getting there. :)

Maude Lynn said...

I think all of the dogwood around here have pink blossoms.

Jannie Funster said...

Hey, Lynn!! What kind of fridge magnets do you like??

Oh, and tell me about sanding dust! I got it in my eyes in Canada, and had very very sore scratched lenses one summer -- ouch.


Shyamanga said...

The picture is postcard perfect. Curious about the name "dogwood" tree. Guess I've never seen one or maybe I have.

Lynn said...

Mama Zen -

There are so many pretty trees around there, but the blooming stuff is on the wane.

Jannie -

I hadn't thought of that. Hmmm. I usually pick up a magnet on big trips. I got a gargoyle magnet in Edinburgh, Scotland and when I got home I realized it was made in Oklahoma City. :)

Shyamanga -

I am not sure how the Dogwood got its name. It has very hard wood though and a beautiful flower.

Snaggle Tooth said...

I knew about both from my Mom.
I'd love to have cabinets n a new floor here. Lucky you!
I have such a space issue here- recipes n kiddie pics all over the magnet thing- I keep the doors few because the stuff falls off when the door closes sometimes!
Finally this week forcynthias are out with all the daffodils

G. B. Miller said...

A great scene to wake up to (or see on your way to work) first thing in the morning.

Lance said...

Right!!! Some clutter IS fun! (I am so with you on that one!) (and that's even as much as I am trying to simplify what I have!)

Lynn said...

Snaggle -

That is such a wonderful thing about spring - how it spreads its love going north. We are must about leafed out and fully green here now, but the flowering trees and bushes are on the wane.

G -

Someone did a wonderful job landscaping my condominium complex back in the '80s - the drive in is certainly gorgeous.

Lance -

After taking everything out of the cabinets and then putting it all back in, I have come to the conclusion that I have all I need. And then some. Simplifying is good - I once encountered a young lady moving out of one of the condos in the next building. She said she doesn't like to have more than she can fit in her car.

Jannie Funster said...

LOL, on the OK City manufacture!

Speaking of gargoyles, that word always makes me chuckle, as I confused it with "goiter" when i was younger. I said some lady had a big gargoyle growing from her neck.

Sorry, for the extreme visual.




Jannie Funster said...

oh, do you plan on posting a pic or two of the new kitchen??


Lynn said...

Jannie -

You crack me up.

I will email a pic of the kitchen to you - not sure if it is blog material. Looks pretty good though.