Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bargain, golden and bright

- Doubtful, but you never know! And a bargain in any event at $6.99.

- Sitting in traffic behind a construction company van with the bumper sticker, "Old Guys Rule"

- On a crisp 50 degree May morning, the sun is so bright that sunglasses are needed at 6:45am.


Talon said...

I love those sunshine mornings.

Gotta love a company for working the media to their advantage - lol!

Lynn said...

I do sort of miss the dark drive in to the city for some odd reason. But the sunshine does make for a mood enhancer.

The meatloaf on Mondays at Mr C's always generates some sort of crazy promotion on their sign. This is the first time I took a photo of it though. They are funny and I do plan to actually try the meatloaf someday. (What has stopped me is that it really is kind of a dive bar.)

Jannie Funster said...

Yay for the meatloaf sign! How often do they change that up?

Do you think I'm too young to get a sticker that says "Old Jannie's Rule." ?

Lynn said...

They change the sign every day, but only the Monday meatloaf inspires these comments. Cracks me up! (The rest of the week is, Taco Tuesday, Steak and Bake Wednesday, etc.)

Yes - I do think you are too young for that. :)

Jannie Funster said...

Oh meatloaf MONDAY. Things are becoming ever clearer to me on your life!

Lynn said...

I do actually plan to try that meatloaf sometime. :)