Friday, May 22, 2009

Hidden, dancing and today might be the day

- The trees on the hill behind my office building standing in a row like monuments, largely hidden from general view.

- My boss likes to post motivational quotations above the copier, usually rah rah stuff. But the one yesterday was a little different and stayed with me, "Life is not about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain."

- Receiving this uplifting passage from a book by Barbara Brown Taylor from friend Susan in an email, about Biblical Abraham and Sarah, and how very long they had to wait:

"It is a hard thing, to believe in a promise with no power to make it come true. Everything is in the future tense--the land, the son, the blessing. Everything will happen, by and by, but in the meantime what is there to live on now? And yet. What better way to live than in the grip of a promise, and a divine one at that? Who in her right mind would give that back? To wake every morning to the possibility that today might be the day. To remain wide awake all day long, noticing everything--the way the shade of the olive tree processes from west to east, and how the smell of the fields changes from green grass to yellow hay as the sun heats up overhead. To search the face of every stranger in case it turns out to be an angel of God. To take nothing for granted. Or to take everything as granted, though not yet grasped. To handle every moment of one's life as a seed of the promise and to plant it tenderly, never knowing if this moment, or the next, may be the one that grows."

from "The Late Bloomer" from Gospel Medicine, by Barbara Brown Taylor


Jannie Funster said...

Wow,talk about a late bloomer more than well worth the wait! THAT is an amazing piece of writing borne on wings of wonder and faith. A delicous promise indeed.

Lynn said...

Isn't that the most beautiful thing ever? When I read that on email yesterday, I knew that would be part of my post today. Barbara Brown Taylor is an amazing woman - I heard her speak last month.

I had a little disappointment about something and Susan was trying to make me feel better. And she did. (No worries - all is well.)

Have a great weekend!

Talon said...

Those trees do look like sentinels...

That is a great quote.

Glad all is well. Being in the moment is so key to appreciating life...and anticipation just makes a moment that much sweeter.

Whitney said...

Hi Lynn! I have a good friend here named Lori who's moving to Atlanta for work, and I think you two would really hit it off. I've told her your blog address, and hers is (for now--it'll probably change). She moves there next week and you'll probably hear from her once she gets a bit settled in. Just wanted to give you a heads-up! Hope you're doing great. I love the BBT :)

Jannie Funster said...

I forgot to mention those trees always remind me of Van Gogh, as they appear in some of his paintings. Or was that Monet's paintings? Well, probagly both and Manet's too.

Lynn said...

Talon - Yes - those trees look as if they are standing guard. I'm glad I finally took a moment to photograph them. And wonderful insight into being in the moment.

Hi Whit! "True untold stories from Ulster" - I can't wait to read Lori's blog and look forward to hearing from her. Love the BBT, too! I am doing just fine and hope you are, too. I've loved viewing your wee niece's blog. What a cutie!

Jannie - they do sort of remind me of trees from a painting, but I can't put my finger on which one either. I managed to keep USA Storage (just below the trees) out of the shot. :)