Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day, embrace and return

- Remembering that it is Memorial Day, my war veteran father asks if I put the flag out at the house. (I did remember.)

- A young couple in the mall parking lot embraces, pressing their foreheads together before kissing.

- Finding dinner in the refrigerator and a well-looked-after kitty courtesy of friend Leisa upon returning home.


Talon said...

Yes, remembering all those who make, and sadly continue to make, the ultimate sacrifice...

Leisa is an awesome friend - how nice to come home and not have to stress about dinner! And sweet to know Sophie was in good hands.

Lynn said...

She is an awesome friend. She made my couscous salad that I blogged about several days ago - it was so good. And she reported that Sophie spoke to her and "allowed" her to pet her. Cats are funny, aren't they?

Jannie Funster said...

Oooo, nice friend! Was there mousse-mousse with the cous-cous?

yes, cats are islands unto themselves. A coulple years ago there was this fluffy cat crying, actually, I'd say trying to talk outside the door. Lost? Abandoned? No way I could entice him to stay.

Dogs? In a couple minutes you can own them. Nope, not cats, or at least that's my opinion.

Talon said...

Cats are definitely interesting creatures. When a cat calls your lap home, it's because they want to spend time with you. Of course, perverse Stripey will also seek out the people who visit who don't like cats and terrorize them on purpose - lol!

Lynn said...

Jannie - Sophie follows me around a talks, but usually it is because she wants me to follow her to the kitchen where there is always food out. I guess she is looking for something new to eat.

Talon - that is so funny about Stripey. My cat Cleo used to do the same thing, thinking it was a fine idea to inspect visitors and settle in on their laps. Vigilant me having to scoop her down. Sophie usually watches visitors from a distance.