Monday, May 18, 2009

Mudbugs, pickers and all in pink

- Presented a batch of these to eat at a benefit dinner, the jury is still out on whether I would want them again. But it was fun to watch a native Louisianan demonstrate his technique.

- A late afternoon sun setting on a field of strawberry pickers at one of those "pick your own" places.

- A crowd around the exit of the church sanctuary makes me think everyone is thanking Robert for his great sermon, but it turns out to be ooers and ahhers over a visiting baby all done up in pink. Robert says, "rightfully so!"


Jannie Funster said...

We had Nova Scotia lobsters last week! Felt like being home for sure. The lobster stocks are up again so that's encouraging for everyone.

Have you ever had N.S. lobsters?

Or Maine moose?

Talon said...

I've never had crayfish, but those that love 'em make watching them eat them look like they might be something worth trying one day.

It's about a month until our strawberry making strawberry shortcake with the first berries of the season. Last year was so incredibly wet the berries were small and not too flavorful. This year should be a good one.

Roberts so right - nothing like a sweet babe to get the admirers crooning!

Lynn said...

Jannie and Talon - you both posted at exactly the same minute. Wow!

I have had lobster, but do not know where they lived prior to their demise. No Maine moose either. I have had bison at Ted's Montana Grill. :)

I can't say I'll want the crawfish again, but strawberries - oh I love them. Blueberries, too.

Babies - we love them in our aging congregation.

Jannie Funster said...

Wow, Talon and I posted at the exact same minute eh?" Spooky-cool!

I'm going to have clam chowder for lunch! The New England kind. I'm here at Whole Foods.

Lynn said...

Yum. I call Whole Foods Whole Paycheck. :)

Jannie Funster said...

Yeah! Pricey for sure. Kicked ourselves we never got in on any stock.

Where I now sit typing this at the biggest Whole Foods on earth, just a few block up the road is where ther first one was. We used to go there!

They make one heck of a clam chowder, tho! Kelly loves it.

Lynn said...

I like to cruise through the cheese section and try the samples, then cruise back through innocently as if it was the first time.

Cheers to Whole Foods!