Monday, May 11, 2009

Salutation, picnics on porches and remembering

- Today they are new citizens of the world. The Georgia College & State University graduation is just over when my dad and I drive by.

- Porches are full of graduates and family as we drive through the campus area. "Picnics on porches," Dad remarks.

- He suddenly remembers things to tell us. He knows that I admire Flannery O'Connor's stories and her farm property, Andalusia, is around the corner from my childhood home. "She was a nice lady," he says. You knew her????? She used to come in the grocery store with her mother. In the last days, she was in a wheelchair. Nice lady.


Muttland said...


Lynn said...

Yes, he knew her from the grocery store - and then mother said that I went to the farm when she was alive with someone to see the peacocks. I wish I could say that I remember her. I do remember the peacocks though. :)

Talon said...

How cool is that to find out? And I was thinking that "picnics on porches" would make a great title for a poem.

Lynn said...

It was cool. He is spending a lot of time reminiscing these days and constantly startles me with things like this. It makes me want to re-read Flannery's stories and see if my handsome father with his black wavy hair and blue eyes was ever put into one of her stories. She had to get her material from someplace and rarely left Milledgeville after she was published the first time.

Picnics on Porches - a good poem or part of a Rodgers And Hammerstein song. My favorite Things comes to mind. :)

Talon said...

You HAVE to re-read the stories!

lol - "picnics on porches and warm wollen mittens..." Yeah - that would definitely work!

Lynn said...

My book group read some of them a couple of years ago. I carry them around in my head for days.

Jannie Funster said...

Yay, graduates! I'm not sure when the college one is here but soon everywhere will be filled with celebrating glowing high school seniors, all happy and dazzling.

I may just have to read the stories too!

"picnics on porches and warm wollen mittens..." A country song maybe! (Winter picnics.)

Lynn said...

More good lyrics, for sure! :)

My book group read the collection of short stories, "Everything that rises must converge." They are very Southern gothic and disturbing. But I totally recommend them. She was an amazing writer.