Friday, May 15, 2009

Comic relief, old friend and sunrise

- This photo of Sophie is a favorite, taken with my camera phone on a day when I needed comic relief. I do think that animals have an instinct for knowing when their people need comfort.

- A couple of cold beers with an old friend.

- The sunrise in my rear view mirror also mirrored in the glass buildings in the looming skyline of Atlanta.

Happy Friday, y'all!


Talon said...

I love Sophie's expression! She looks like a sweetie. I agree - pets do know when owners need a lift.

Have a fabulous weekend, Lynn!

Lynn said...

I had lost my job the day before due to downsizing. It was all very abrupt and I was so upset I couldn't sleep. So I got on the sofa with that pink throw and when I knocked it on the floor in the morning, she rolled around in it until she looked like a cocoon kitty.

She is a sweetie - my shadow.

You have a fabulous weekend, too!

G said...

I'm sorry to hear that you lost your job.

Very horrible thing to go through. Went through that myself back in '03, and can completely sympathize with you.

Great pic of the cat, BTW.

Lynn said...

Hey G - I should clarify. That photo was taken in September 2007 - I was unemployed for five months. It was the best of times and the worst of times. But I am very happy to be working where I'm working now. Lovely people.

I really like to post with a picture and didn't have one yesterday. So I was looking through my archive and found that one. I am glad you think she is cute!

Jannie Funster said...

A couple of cold beers sounds very good indeed.

And that pic is priceless!

Lynn said...

My friend and I had a difficult time deciding where to go, but agreed that there should be beers involved.

Thank you - that pic is a keeper!