Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mascot, extra mile and happy morning

- This wooden cat that was left facing the front door of my gym a couple of years ago. (No one knows why.) Staff opening up in the morning found it there, brought it in and adopted it as their mascot. They have fun decorating it for holidays; this time in honor of the assistant manager who is graduating from college.

- Visiting an obstetrician's office in which a pitcher of lemonade is always set out on a tray for expectant moms and supportive dads.*

- The birds providing a happy morning symphony in the trees around my house, complete with different sounds.

* This was a work visit.


G said...


Reminds me of those traveling gnome commercials.

Lynn said...

Hey - Maybe there is a suggestion I could make. Let gym members take the wooden cat on travels and send photos back. :)

I just saw that on Whitney's blog - Glimpses of Grace. She and her friends went to NYC and took a gnome. Looked fun to me!

Jannie Funster said...

Those bird symponies are sooo gorgeous. Sometimes I do not even notice them on the running trail as I go. But if I've been recording me on my little digital hand-held, upon playing it back - there they are!


Lynn said...

They seem to be all talking to each other early in the morning. I miss running. I had to switch to walking a few years ago because of a bad knee. Now I don't even do that anymore, but would like to start back. I make it to the gym though.