Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mr C's, the Hawks and dancing cowboys

- From Mr C's Sign yesterday:


- But sadly, they did not. This morning the camera operator on the local NBC affiliate (amid much hilarity from the two anchor women) cut the weather man out of the shot because he bet against the Hawks. I suppose we can't expect the transplanted news people to love our teams like we do.

- Would this make you think I care about the Hawks? I would have totally jumped on the bandwagon if they had not been eliminated from the playoffs last night. However, instead of watching them on television, I watched the delightfully silly Dancing with the Stars. You gotta love a show that encourages a rodeo cowboy like Ty Murray to dance the samba. The cowboy nation must be behind him with the votes.


Talon said...

I love hawks - the flying variety. The only sports I'm really up on are golf and tennis and some hockey (the hockey only because my sons love it).

I, too, watch Dancing with the Stars. I'm not even going to call it a guilty pleasure anymore. Like you say, it's delightfully silly and Ty is a sweetheart! He's come so far, but I'm thinking he'll be hitting the trail tonight. (I'm taping so don't know the results as yet). How cute was it when he did his hip-rolling solo for his wife?

Lynn said...

I follow the Atlanta Braves baseball more than anything. We have hockey here, too, but I'm sure hockey is a bigger deal in Canada.

Love that show and get such a kick out of it. I read somewhere that they are having difficulty finding celebrities to do that anymore. Maybe Ty will inspire other manly-man types to do things like that. I did like his hip-rolling solo and it made her blush. Very cute.

Jannie Funster said...

Well, they gotta win SOME time, maybe not this year but...

And I have never seen Dancing With The Stars. I love that new show tho, Clogging With The Wannabes.

Lynn said...

It is so much fun to watch - next Monday night. You almost made me look up the clogging show, Jannie Funster. :)