Monday, May 4, 2009

Diamonds, dedicated and rain

- The diamond pattern the landscaping man made in the grass he was mowing.

- Attending a festival in which Adopt a Greyhound Atlanta, Inc., an organization dedicated to providing homes for retired racing Greyhounds, had a booth. One of the dogs was wearing four tiny pink shoes, made just for her sensitive paws.

- Sitting on the back porch after dark listening to light rainfall on the trees.


Jannie Funster said...

I wish all animals had good lives from birth til death.

And what a lovely diamond-mowed lawn indeed! Your mind is so full of reception for wonderful things. Have you ALWAYS been like this, Lynn?

Lynn said...

I wish that for animals, too. An interesting thing in the pamphlet was that you cannot let them off a leash outside because "you will not catch them." They are trained to race and if something catches their attention they run after it fast.

I was waiting for my client to approve her proof and noticed the man through the window. When I mentioned the diamond pattern to her, she looked at me oddly. I have to careful not to appear too quirky sometimes. Probably always, but just expressing it more in the last few years. Thank you for the compliment!