Thursday, May 21, 2009

Respite, comfort and life is good

- This rather stylized bust of David has been all over my house, but now resides on my home office desk; a calm place of respite.

- Stopping at my favorite "gourmet to go" place for spinach lasagna because I feel the need to comfort myself, but end up listening to the young man behind the counter who needed to vent about his day. I leave thinking that my life is pretty good!

- A little chocolate cake and a glass of Merlot to round out the day. Life is good, indeed.


Talon said...

That bust is neat as is the rooster pen holder!

I love how we get perspective adjustments in unexpected places. Now I've got an urge to make some lasagna!

Lynn said...

That is an optical illusion, but looking back at the photo, it does look like that. Actually that is a rubber rooster I picked up at a poultry show in January (I handle printing for a poultry company.) The pens are just behind it in a cup.

Don't you love lasagna? They always have that as their vegetarian dish. I'm glad I could help spark an idea for dinner tonight!

G said...


I have a pillow at work that I feel the same way about.

I got it from a former co-worker/now very good friend, and it does bring me a measure of peace (very long story not for public consumption) on a daily basis.

Lynn said...

Hi G -

Sounds like there's quite a story there. I think my office is my favorite place in my house, it has some of my favorite things like the bust of David, but also the most personal artwork as well as my grandfather's desk and chair.

Jannie Funster said...

Ummn, on number 3!!

Number 2, way to keep things in perspective, eh!

And number 1, arent' his eyes different than the regular David? This guy looks tired.

Lynn said...

Friend Leisa is making the Heath Bar Blondies this weekend and promises to share. Can't wait to try them.

Yes - that is a very stylized David, with his tired eyes and wrinkled brow. I think the artist intended to project David about 10-15 years later.