Friday, May 8, 2009

Treat, more treats and somebody now

- This glorious key lime pie from Bahama Breeze restaurant. Jane brought it as a treat for our circle meeting at church. All I can say is, YUM! And totally worth the calories. It sparked a discussion regarding our mutual love of graham cracker crust.

- More yumminess. Friend Leisa dropped by my office with cookies left over from a seminar her company gave at a function for seniors. We scarfed them down like anteaters. :) Their company specializes in "aging-in-place" home renovations for seniors, allowing them to live in their homes instead of assisted living facilities. A good thing, for sure.

- Wishing a wonderful concert this Sunday in Austin, Texas to Jannie Funster, who routinely makes my day. This comment from G on her blog: "Yay! I’m friends with a musician who has an actual product of music out. I’m a semi-somebody now!" I feel the same way.


G said...

I'm glad I leave such memorable quotes for people comment about on their blog.


Actually, this makes the second musician that I personally know that has a product of music out.

A very good co-worker of mine's now incredibly talented 18 year old daughter, put out a very nice CD back when she was about fourteen.

Lynn said...

It made me chuckle (the semi-somebody part) and then think, "I feel exactly the same way." Keep the comments coming, G. :)

Talon said...

I'm sooooo jealous! Key lime pie is my fav - and usually what I request for my birthday "cake". This one looks scrumptious!

Hi, Lynn, coming to you via Jannie. She's terrific, isn't she? And I just know she's had a wonderful and successful launch party tonight!

I've got a sweet tooth so I'm starting to salivate over here!

Lynn said...

Welcome, Talon! I recognize your name from Jannie's comment section. She is terrific and I know the launch party went great. Can't wait to hear her CD.

Is there a Bahama Breeze near you? That is where the pie came from - delicious.

Your blog is gorgeous. I'll stop back by later and have a more lengthy read. I post very early and then go to work. But I usually find time during lunchtime to visit blogs.

Talon said...

Thank you, Lynn. Unfortunately, there are no Bahama Breezes in Canada. I'll just have to live vicariously...

I'm really enjoying your blog. I love the positivity and the neat observations.

Lynn said...

Thank you Talon - and I love visiting your blog, too. Particularly the post from a few days ago of the tabby cat in the garden.

Talon said...

That's my infamous tabby, Stripey. He's ten and still has the soul of a kitten. He's my shadow.

Lynn said...

I have a similar shadow - Sophie. She is a red-orange tabby who is 16. I love tabby cats.

Jannie Funster said...

And now that I have MY FABULOUS NEW P.O. BOX I too am a semi-somebody!

Thanks for the shout!

And I'm just so thrilled you and Talon have hit it off - as I knew you would!

Oh and THAT PIE, I could just dive into one and never resurface. I'm pretty sure we have a Bahama Breeze here too.

Lynn said...

Yes - I like Talon very much. And you deserve a slice of that pie!