Friday, September 26, 2008

Beautiful place, nice man and chuckle

This is what it looked like except there were red tablecloths

- Attending a lovely event benefiting the Piedmont Park Conservancy - A Passion for Piedmont and enjoying the cool evening air, people watching, delicious food and schmoozing with my client.

- Because of the gasoline shortage in Atlanta, the television news is full of reports of outages, there are cars stranded on the side of the expressway and every conversation seems to involve where you found gasoline. The man from the dry cleaners cheerfully retrieves my clothes even though I had lost my ticket because he remembers me and shares a tip about where to find gasoline nearby.

- Reading The New York Times Dwight Garner’s take on books of lists: “This columnist enjoys books of lists as much as the next reader. But the (sales-boosting) gimmick of adding the phrase “Before You Die” to the end of these titles has him feeling a little rattled. Before he dies?

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