Thursday, September 25, 2008

No Helen, gone with wind and sharing

- Asking friend Steven for the route he takes to the mountains that just bypasses Helen, Georgia. Helen is a small town that was recreated to resemble a Bavarian village and has lots of kitschy craft, fudge and tattoo shops. People flock there for some reason and so it takes a lot of time to drive through it. (Example for why it bothers me – one can purchase Native American souvenirs at a place called “Tekawitha.” See what I mean?) Steven’s directions end with: “You turn left and head across the mountain leaving all the tragedy in Helen in your dust.”

- Telling Kim that I had a bad day and her response, "Tomorrow is another day, Scarlett!"

- Tony has been picking up his toddler granddaughter Aubrey from daycare every afternoon while her parents are out of town and bringing her back to the office. She has enormous blue eyes and a shy smile. I sat in a chair in his office and talked to her and she brought me a toy to hold.

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