Monday, September 1, 2008

Sisters in the Spirit

- Having an impromptu parking lot catch-up with Beverly R, and being joined by Ginny, we have declared ourselves "Sisters in the Spirit." Beverly thinks we should take it on the road. Then having Sally drive up smiling, roll her window down and ask, "WHO stands in the middle of the parking lot where they could get run over?" And then, "Can I join?" We would be more than honored.

- Sitting down with Bev H with more catching up about parents, life, yoga, etc. - I should have been in Sunday School, but loved this few minutes.

- Later finding Beverly R again, this time tidying the office of the new Director of Youth Ministry, who starts this week. We tell each other how much we miss Whitney. Beverly says, "You know she's being ordained today?" I did know and reading her account of it just now made me tear up.


Whitney said...

Thanks for your kind words, Lynn. I miss all of you ladies and the parking lot conversations! We should build a Starbucks in the middle of the parking lot and give it lots of business. :)

Lynn said...

We all miss you, too, Whitney. I'm glad your ordination day was so special.