Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Comfort, eureka and tea in the morning

- Due to budget cuts a few co-workers have been laid off. I will miss Robert the most - a lovely man. One day last week he wasn't feeling well and I made him a cup of red tea. I was happy to do that for someone who always made my day easier.

- My fondest memory of Rita was from the day a bird flew into the warehouse. I could hear chirping from the bird and from Rita, who had made a trail of popcorn through the warehouse to the loading dock door in the hopes the bird would spot the popcorn, want to eat it and Eureka! see the light and fly out to freedom.

- I am thankful for my electric teapot given to me by friend Leisa. It makes every morning a little better for being able to heat up hot water for tea right in my cubicle.

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