Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Food photography, time well spent and pleased

- Practicing for the day I post something on Tastespotting. Still work to do.

- Smile. A friend's analogy of attending a performance event her husband coaxed her to: "It was sorta like the last waterfall hike that I took with (photographer husband.) He told me there were two falls, just 1/2 mile hike. About 3 hours later without taking enough water or food, he had managed to get in several more falls. Yesterday was supposed to be to just go for a few songs and leave--stayed for all 2 hours." She is a fellow enjoyer of Sunday afternoon reading and naps, but says the music was fabulous and she was glad she went.

- My kitty looking thoroughly pleased with herself for capturing a bug behind the bathroom door and eating it. Hopefully it was just one of those pesky ants. Whatever it was got a paw smack-down.


TALON said...

Nice composition on the bowl of peaches...makes me crave one! In about 2 months I'll be in my form of peach heaven when the local peaches are everywhere.

lol @ the photographer husband. My poor hubby has to contend with my jaunts and, to my utter astonishment, now comes to get me when something interesting catches his eye. I'm glad she had an unexpected great time at the performance - those are always the best!

A "paw smack-down" sounds deceptively cute - lol!

Lynn said...

Talon - have you ever looked at Tastespotting? The photography skills of these home cooks astounds me. But thanks for the compliment on my composition! I am almost done with this batch of peaches -

He is a good nature photographer and she does get dragged around to lots of nature trails. Your photography is great. Do you do any portraits and other things like that?

I am always glad when Sophie displays a little of her former energy, but I am hoping that wasn't a spider.

Jannie Funster said...

Hmn, eating the bug, eh? I don't think our guy has eaten any yet, not that I've seen anyway.

But it's so funny - in summer he does come in the house sometimes with a live buzzing cicada in his mouth. And you know how loud those thigns are, right?

Ah, the call of the wild. Better him than me with that thing in his mouth. Yuck!

Jannie Funster said...

Yes, soemtimes the very best times in life happen when we balk at going. Happens to me all the time.

When in doubt go!

Lynn said...

It's just that Sophie is getting on up there and I don't see all the typical behavior from before. The expression on her face was very cute, like, Yeahhh - I've still got it