Tuesday, June 9, 2009

So good, sweet and glorious

- A lovely lunch at Flip Burger, "fine dining between two buns," the menu conceived by Atlanta's own Richard Blais of Top Chef 4 fame (but a well-respected chef before then). Friend Leisa got the vegetarian wild mushroom and swiss "burger" and I went the more pedestrian route with a bacon and cheese burger. (Benton's bacon was under the cheese, FLIP sauce. Yum.) Verdict? So good! I plan to go back and eat my way around the menu.

- Breathing in the sweet, sweet air of early morning.

- Catching a glimpse of a gaspingly glorious sunrise in the rear view mirror.


TALON said...

I remember Richard (I love cooking shows). I adore a bacon cheeseburger so I'm jealous and my stomach is rumbling (it's lunchtime here). I'll have to settle for a homemade ham and swiss on pumpernickel.

There is something almost magical about the early morning. It's a sense of total freshness and renewal.

Lynn said...

Hi Talon - Your sandwich sounds pretty good to me! Love pumpernickel especially.

I keep up with Richard on Twitter - he is up to something Top Chef related today.

This morning the air just seemed so clear and sweet. Renewal is a good word for it.

G. B. Miller said...

I don't know. The burger sounds good (bacon cheeseburger, that is), but a gourmet burger just doesn't do it for me. Probably because to me, a gourmet burger is more like a mini-beefsteak than anythng else.

Lynn said...

G - they even have a Kobe beef burger that costs $35!!!!!!!!!!!!! So they have beef burgers and then the Flip part - non-traditional "burgers" made of shrimp and whatnot. Richard Blais knows his way around a sauce. Pretty darn good stuff.