Friday, June 12, 2009

What? how good and Friday

- From MR C's sign, this that might make sense if it is put into the context of bar language.

- Slicing sharp white cheddar cheese and thinking how good it will be with my Fuji apple later on.

- Celebrating Friday by coming in and getting a quiet coworker to smile and have a mini-celebration. Yay! It's Friday!


Maude Lynn said...

My bar language is a little rusty . . . but, yeah!

Lynn said...

Mama Zen - mine, too. This place is particularly known for its dive bar-ness after the sun goes down. During the day they have lunch specials, etc.

One of my favorites signs was one day when it said, "Book club meets here today. No really - we have a book club."

Jannie Funster said...

Boy, do you have a Pavlov's dog in Jannie - I'm totally craving meatloaf now a the sign pic!

And who is that new mystery lady above, in the 1st comment?

Me thinks they probably club books?

have a super weekend too.


Lynn said...

Why that is Mama Zen - we have been visiting each other's blogs. Jannie Funster brings the blog world together.

I love the meatloaf, too! Especially a meatloaf sandwich.

LOL - yes - they probably do club books between shots of absinthe. :)

TALON said...

TGIF indeed! We finally have mostly sunny skies and a promise of more for the weekend - yes!

LOL @ the sign. There's been an absence of absinthe in my life (I never tried it and I was a bartender in another life).

That's so funny about the white cheddar as I had some with slices of anjou pear today. Yummy! I'm a cheese freak.

Have a super fabulous Friday and a stellar weekend, Lynn.

G. B. Miller said...

Love white cheddar. However, I have attained a partialness to colby/jack cheese now.

Lynn said...

Talon - I am glad your weather will be nice this weekend. I am hoping for a little cloud cover tomorrow - outdoor festival event.

My niece is married to a man from Turkey and I was introduced to a Turkish drink called Raki, much like absinthe I'm told, during the party after the wedding festivities. I gamely drank it and don't remember much else. Never again. Why in the world would anyone want to drink that???

I am a cheese freak, too. What is your favorite? I am partial to Jarlsberg.

G - love that co/jack, too, and it melts delightfully well. :)

TALON said... favorite cheese? I think it has to be Swiss Gruyere. But it's a close tie with any good quality extra old cheddar. And then I also love brie...and I really love having havarti on pumpernickel with shaved black forest ham. Okay, I love cheese too much. In theory,I should weigh about 5,000 pounds (instead of the 130 I do weigh) - lol!

Jarlsberg is good! And I'm liking G's favorite too - perfect on a bacon cheeseburg!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing such a great wisdom.

Lynn said...

Talon - those are all great. Pretty much I keep the sharp white cheddar around the house - this morning a little will be inside an omelet along with some spinach.

Another niece loves Havarti and always gets it when she needs comfort.

Yes - G's favorite on a burger can't be beat. But blue cheese on a burger is pretty yummy, too.

Edward - thank you for stopping by.

Lynn said...

I mean James (not Edward) - thanks for stopping by. Oops.

Jannie Funster said...

The best macaroni I've ever had was made with gruyere, on St Pierre. (That island, off Newfoundland.)

It's great seing Mama Zen around, she's visiting Lance now too at

You been over there, Lynn? Lance posts a Sunday Thought For The Day and posts one more during the week, usually Tuesday. He's just a great guy.

Lynn said...

Yes - I have visited Lance's blog a couple of times - I will check in tomorrow. I do like it and reading his comments on your blog.

That mac and cheese sounds yummy. I make a pretty mean one, too, with goat cheese.

Jannie Funster said...

but is it 3-legged goat cheese?


Lynn said...

Poor three-legged goat! I don't know, Ms. Funster. :)