Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Swizzle, tongue firmly in cheek and safety

- Looking for its own spot in my home, this caterpillar purchased from co-worker Joanne at last weekend's Art-B-Que. Joanne makes beautiful hand-blown glass art and says the caterpillar can be used as either a swizzle stick or to stick in a potted plant.

- Singing "If You're Happy and You Know It" to a co-worker who is determined to remain grumpy. He is still grumpy, but at least it got my vocal talents recognized! :)

- Receiving an email from friend Ed, who directs music at my church, asking if I will sing with the Women's Ensemble on Sunday in honor of Fathers Day. Me: You're sure you want me??? I am not known for my singing! Him: There's safety in numbers!


TALON said...

I'm singing and clapping my hands now - lol!

The caterpillar is lovely! Joanne does beautiful work.

lol @ Ed's comment. Raise your voice in song, Lynn! ;)

Lynn said...

Talon - I love to sing, but mostly make a joyful noise. Thank you for your words! :)

I so admire Joanne's work. She does very expensive artisan things; this one was the most affordable, only $5. She kept saying for me to just take it, so I gave her husband the money.

Jannie Funster said...

Was that the Art bar-B-Q where theheavy metal music filled the air with such unmitaged happiness for one vendor in particular?

LOL on the second one! How could anyone remain grumpy after that??

And I very well know that safety in numbers with singing, was a perfect place to start for me.


Wow, and only five bucks for that - super!

Lynn said...

Yes - but that was at the other end of the art-b-que - Joanne's booth was across from some musicians playing acoustic music.

And yet he did. I like to imagine the corners of his mouth turning up a little when he turned away. The operations manager provided the clapping sound effects.

We will sing a beautiful hymn on Sunday, "His eye is on the sparrow." That is what reeled me in. I will joyously sing.

TALON said...

Lynn, it sounds like Joanne's booth had the perfect music match!

I'm laughing at the Operations Manager's clapping accompaniment.

Lynn said...

Talon - it did. She said they played bluegrass late in the afternoon.

Yes - we have fun here very often at work. And the operations manager and I have a similar quirky sense of fun.