Monday, June 8, 2009

Thirteen, snapshot and peaceful

"Thirteen Columns" at the corner of Wilkinson & Greene Sts., Milledgeville, Georgia

- c. 1825, "Thirteen Columns" is also known as the Stovall-O'Brien-Beecher-DeGraffenreid-Calloway-Conn-Gardner House. The thirteen supporting columns are thought to perhaps recognize Georgia as the thirteenth colony. Remembering Mrs. Conn, with her tales of old Milledgeville, who still lived in this home when I worked in the county library just around the corner after school.

- Snapshot: Stopping at the local Belk store, the woman handling my purchase tells of leaving Atlanta for the simple quiet life that Milledgeville affords she and her husband.

- A peaceful drive home on Georgia State Highway 212 North, a seldom taken route, but lovely for its two-lane highway that goes from my home town all the way to the Atlanta suburbs, just me and a truck pulling a horse trailer, keeping a respectful distance.


Jannie Funster said...

I bet they had such a great cook in that mansion, ahhh. I would dearly love a personal chef for all my meals.

And wow... "Stovall-O'Brien-Beecher-DeGraffenreid-Calloway-Conn-Gardner House" There's a mouthful indeed!

TALON said...

Gorgeous home!

Isn't it nice to have a relaxing drive? Sometimes the by-ways are so satisfying...

Lynn said...

I know, right? Fried chicken and the like. Yum.

The Gardners don't live there - they are attorneys and just use is as a law office. But it is one of my favorite houses. I intend to photograph several - so bear with me. :)

Lynn said...

This drive is relaxing. Lots of country side, farms, roadside stands, four-way stops. Then, boom, the city.

I don't go that way usually because of the wildlife encountered on the highway. Lots of deer crossing.

TALON said...

Lynn, we have the same problem here with the deer and the coyotes. Still, it's a nice change from the huge 8 lane highways where more than deer are darting out - lol!

Lynn said...

Hi Talon - Yes - a nice change indeed. There is another seldom taken route I can take to get down there - I may try that one next time.

The state of Georgia is so full of history - I also like to stop and read those history markers that dot the backroads.