Friday, September 25, 2009

Smarter, eternal optimism and 55 please

- Wondering if that worked for the trivia players. This photo was taken the morning after what they are now calling a "500-year flood" in Atlanta. It warms my heart that Mr C's was so "ish" about the time on the evening of an epic storm of Biblical proportions. AND there was meatloaf for dinner.

- The eternal optimism of my little cat Sophie, who has never had anything but cat food, as she watches every bite of oatmeal I put in my mouth. I tell her that all things considered, oatmeal would not be as much of a treat as she thinks even if I do eat it every morning.

- Flashing my car's headlights to invite a signaling driver into my lane, he comes over and settles in at 50 mph. "Go at least 55, please," I plead from behind even if he will not hear. My voice is a pacifist replacement for the car's horn, and what is the hurry anyway? It is Friday! *

* A Friday "good things" 55! Bonus - all three are 55 words today. :)


Jewel Allen said...

Your Sophie reminds me of my dogs. *eternal optimism* Love that phrase!

I've always liked meatloaf, but now I am definitely sold on it! LOL

Lynn said...

Jewel -

She settles down beside my feet and watches every bite. And probably wonders why I don't share.

I keep thinking I will try the meatloaf up there, but it is served on Meatless Monday, and I did sign that pledge. Hmmm.

Jewel Allen said...

Somehow I tracked the Friday 55 links to the source. Ah, I get it now ;-).

If there was such a thing as reincarnation, I am sure my pets will willingly trade places with me. Some days, I say, I am glad I am not a dog.

TALON said...

G-man's gonna be impressed, Lynn! Three 55's and a bonus one with the speed limit!

Thank God I've eaten my share of meatloaf over the years - lol!

I'm laughing at Sophie. You gotta love animals - they never give up hope! And it's nearly impossible to explain why YOU can eat it and she can't. I don't know about you, but I end up feeling guilty.

LL Cool Joe said...

I just hate it when you let a car pull out in front of you and then they drive so slowly you wonder why they just don't get out and walk because it would be faster.

Have a great weekend!

Maude Lynn said...

Three 55s? Wow!

I am seriously considering chucking it all and starting a new life right next door to Mr. C's.

Cookie said...

55 words is tough!
i wonder if there is a vegetarian's equvialent to meatloaf...

Riot Kitty said...

I'm jealous of you living near the place with that sign - it must be a good laugh provider :)

Lynn said...

Jewel -

Yes - it is the G-man who is the source. I quite enjoy his blog. I was always intrigued by Mama Zen's Friday 55 for the G-man which lead me to it.

Talon -

Yes - I thought of that when I actually uttered those words this morning. :)

I do feel guilty about not sharing with her. :) Makes me wonder what she would make of oatmeal if she got to eat it. The grass is always greener for animals, isn't it?

Joe -

I know, right? You have a great weekend, too!

Mama Zen -

I realized that the first two things looked like about 55 words, and they were, with some minor adjustment.

Ooh - next door to Mr C's is Fellini's pizza and pasta. Yum! :)

Cookie -

I think you can make some kind of loaf out of lentils. Might be OK.

Riot Kitty -

About one time per week there is something amusing on Mr C's sign - usually about meatloaf. I pass by there on my way into the office and that's usually when I snap the photos - around 7am. But I've never been inside!

G-Man said...

Since all three are unrelated...
I Love It
I Love It
I Love It!!!
Too much inspiration for just one entry eh?
Excellent 55's My Dear...
I love meatloaf, but I'm not any smarter...:P
You Rock!!!
Have a Great Week-End.....G

Lynn said...

Thanks and You Rock, too, G-man!!!

jonathan said...

Nice post! Short and Sweet!

Lynn said...

Thanks Jonathan! You have a very nice blog.

Mona said...

lol! I love the third one!

Indeed, what is the hurry!

Kim said...

I'm thinking this friday 55 would be something fun to get into...
My cat is the same way, except i gladly let him try almost anything. Only when I'm finished, to not encourage begging, of course. :)

Lynn said...

Mona -

Thank you - I do not like to hurry and don't like to make others hurry either. He was making me late to work though. But it's all good - I made approximately on time. :)

Kim -

Yes - try the 55. I don't think I do it right, but it is my spin and that's OK.

You know - Sophie has never had anything but cat food and still has kidney disease. So now she has the Hills K/D food. Heavy sigh.

Cathy said...

my cat molly likes to stick her nose in cereal bowls when she thinks no one is looking. :)

Lynn said...

That is funny, Cathy. I love cats.

Jannie Funster said...

I had no idea of the flood. Such devastation.

It is so rare I am on an actual highway I've forgotten what it's like to go fast. At night when I close my eyes all I see are bumpers in front of me. Well sometimes. P Other times I see blueberries. Or rows and rows and rows of beanie babies.

Snaggle Tooth said...

500 not 100 year flood? -yikes!
Hope all your folks are okay.
Must've been a quiet C's night!
I know Sophie's thinking you should feed her before you eat- it sounds like it's good- Mischief likes tp eat at the same time I do.
Those out-of work for the day slow-pokes are always in my way as I go to work!
Getting good at counting it out-
I can't write 55 (I drive 70 tho-)

Lynn said...

Jannie -

Back safely from Bulgaria, I see. :) I think seeing rows of blueberries or beanie babies in your dreams sounds delightful!

Snaggle -

I live about 20 miles from my office (and Mr C's) - I imagine it was quiet around the area that night. I finally went home about 6:30pm on Monday night and no one was on the road and the grocery store was pretty empty. No damage to me and mine, but three people here at the printing company live in one of the heavily affected areas and two of them were hemmed in by water on Tuesday and had to stay home.

Sophie has dry food out all the time - I think the "grass is always greener" as they say.

Yes - that guy was driving a car that looked as if it might not go any faster than 50. :) Have you ever gotten any "fast driving awards?" :) (I have - unfortunately.)