Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jewel, shift and in the nick of time

- This jewel incrusted van parked outside my building that looks so happy that I wonder if it plays music to passersby as it rides along.

- Talking with a friend who has had a paradigm shift. She has left her corporate job and after a few months away, believes that life should just be about finding work that makes you happy.

- Dinner with friends Barbara and Norman at a favorite place, Café Lily, named after the owner's grandaughter. The hostess tells us with a smile that we have arrived just in the nick of time to take advantage of the "early bird" special. So we have a velvety tomato soup before our entree and a lovely chocolate cake served with Chantilly crème for dessert.


G. B. Miller said...

How do.

Just thought I would de-lurk for a moment to say "Hi!".


Hope your week is going A-okay for you so far.

Lynn said...

G -

I like that term "de-lurk" - my week is going OK so far. Thanks for checking in!

Maude Lynn said...

That van is so cute!

Jewel Allen said...

I would love to ride that "jewel". Even just passing it on the street would be a treat. :-)

I love that people want to make the world a happier place. Color is good!

Meredith said...

The way you describe food makes my mouth water, Lynn.

It sounds like your friend has had a major shift, indeed. I wonder, has she had any luck yet in finding the work she loves?

TALON said...

I hope your friend finds the perfect job. If money's not an issue, it tends to broaden the horizon. (cuz most dream jobs don't ever seem to involve making money - lol)

The van is a smile on wheels and it should play music - and I hear ice cream truck style in my head.

Dinner sounded scrumptious!

Lynn said...

Mama Zen -

It is cute and I knew just the condo that visitor would be at. A neighbor who always seems to have cool friends.

Jewel -

That would be a good ride for you, Jewel! I love it when people want to make the world a better place, too.

Meredith -

She is a natural born motivational speaker and is doing some of that. She got her start by participating in Toastmasters. That is what she loves to do.

Talon -

I doubt if that speaker things pays big money, but you never know. And I love that phrase - "a smile on wheels."

Dinner - beyond yummy!

Cookie said...

Your dinner is maing me hungry!
Whenever I see cars like that I'm always a little bit jealous. I'm jealous that Idont' have the nerve to get a car like that. I wonder if they ever get sick of it or sick of the comments that others make.

Lynn said...

Cookie -

I don't know - I drew a crowd just by photographing it. I always wonder at the Smart Cars, because I always really have a look at who is driving those. They almost seem like Flintstone cars.

Riot Kitty said...

That van and your friend both have the right idea!

Jannie Funster said...

Groovy baby car! I just love art cars, the wilder, the better.

"life should just be about finding work that makes you happy," I've seen that a lot lately. A shirt in general human consciousness?

Blue Bunny said...

my jannie maeks the best tomato soup i ever eeted! pleeze come ober heer and my jannie will cook up sum for yoo.

Lynn said...

Riot Kitty -


Jannie -

Isn't that a fun car? I titled my photo "coolest van ever" or something like that.

BB -

I wish I could come right over. Ask your Jannie if she could mail it?

LL Cool Joe said...

Hey a blinged out car! Cool. :D

Sorry I didn't get here to comment yesterday, real life is getting in the way!

Lynn said...

Joe -

I knew you would like the car!

You'll give us an update on your daughter? I am concerned about her and you.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Someone had a blast with that art project! I hope their name is on it somewhere...
If I ever get a job that pays the bills n makes me happy too- it would be joyful. (I hate my job).
Not familiar with Chantilly creme. Some folks have the gift of timimg- you must be one!

Lynn said...

Snaggle -

The van had some greenery in front. I walked around it - it seemed to be affiliated with a cool neighorhood in midtown Atlanta.

I'm sorry you hate your job - it's tough when we are forced to take something just to pay the bills.