Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow, being home and flora

- For the amusement of my readers in the upper 46 states and beyond - 'twas the blizzard of 2010. Oh yes - it has put Atlanta into gridlock. We are being asked to stay home. Twist my arm! It does not look like much, but we are not equipped to drive on it - there is black ice underneath the snow and many accidents are being reported. The temperature will not rise above freezing today.

- My Camry and I were coming back from Madison, Georgia after a meeting yesterday when it started. Beautiful swirling flakes. I had enough food at home, but had a thought that making vegetable soup might be nice. The grocery store had an air of gaiety and it was fun to see what everyone was buying. Me - vegetables and broth for soup. It was lovely being home and stirring a hearty soup while the snow fell softly outside.

- My "pot of weeds" is the only outside plant not receiving inside nurture during the freezing temps during the last few days. A helpful neighbor "shoveled" the snow off the wooden sidewalk to make a walking path.

Have a wonderful warm weekend and may Good Things be all around you.


TALON said...

There is nothing finer than being safe and warm at home and looking out onto the snow. And when it's a rare event - even finer!

Black ice is the most terrifying winter road condition so staying off the roads is a good plan.

The soup sounds delicious!

You and Sophie stay warm!

Whitney said...

I made vegetable soup, too. Best way to keep warm. What was yours? Mine was just loads of things thrown in: chickpeas, potatoes, cauliflower, onion, garlic, mushrooms, carrots and a good bit of cumin. Sort of an invention, but tasty!

Lynn said...

Talon -

Absolutely - I am loving this day and plan to just stay in.

Whitney -

I would have used vegetable broth, but the store was out, so I used fat free chicken broth, canned diced tomatoes, italian seasoning and green beans, carrots, cauliflower, lima beans and corn - any leftover collards from last weekend, chopped very finely. It was pretty good. And yours sounds yummy, too. I might try cumin next time.

Btw - I loved your birthday story about the plane trip. Good for you for the upgrade. :)

G. B. Miller said...

I would love to have a winter season in which the only thing that one gets is exactly one snowstorm.

Meredith said...

Yay for beautiful, restful snow days! I'm glad you got to stay inside with your comforting homemade soup and look out on such a winter wonderland.

By all means let's not coddle the weed. (I have some growing heartily in the untouched garden beds now, as if night temps in the upper 20s were nothing.) It's already sent its seeds to the winds by autumn, if it's a wild lettuce worth its salt. And if not, ah, well, one less weed's genes for the pool. :)

Happy Snow Day, Lynn!

Jannie Funster said...

I love Toyota Camrys! Jim has probably sold 100 or more since I've met him. Good solid reliable cars -- just change your oil and you're good for 300,000 miles in those.

I remember 17 years ago Jim and I hit black ice on I-95 in Maine. I said "What's that weird screeching sound, sounds like a wild cat? Bobcats in the woods maybe?" But it was our tires on the ice, as he attempted to brake!! We must've slid like that for over a mile, screeching to try to stop -- the cars in front and behind us doing the same. Yikes. God spared us an accident. I'll never forget it.

Have fun at home!


Blue Bunny said...

i nise and cozie today too in my big puffie skwirrell slippers.

Lynn said...

G -

I can imagine that the snow gets tiresome where you are. We have miserably hot and humid summers here. I wonder who has the perfect weather?

Meredith -

My neighbor downstairs has shown some consternation over my weedy pot - she is concerned that the weeds will spread. I sort of enjoy seeing what will turn up in it. Like that little Maple tree with such deep roots it won't even pull out of the dirt. I'm going to have to clip it.

Jannie -

I am on the road so much that I need a good reliable car - this is my third Toyota.

Your almost accident sounds terrifying. Yes - good incentive to stay home today.

Blue Bunny -

I have on my pink socks - but big squirrel slippers sounds so much better. :)

Riot Kitty said...

Stay warm and enjoy...I want some big squirrel slippers!

LL Cool Joe said...

You know it's weird, we have thick snow too and it's changed my eating habits. I was eating mushroom soup yesterday. I hate mushrooms.

Do you eat or drink soup?

Maude Lynn said...

We react the same way here to a little snow!

Cookie said...

We could use some of that snow over here. ANd homemade vegetable soup too please!

Lynn said...

Riot Kitty -

Don't those slippers sound cool?

Joe -

It depends upon what kind of soup - I eat my vegetable soup since it is so thick. But I like Campbell's tomato soup that comes in a sippable container and I do drink that.

Mama Zen -

They were just showing cars sliding all over the expressway. And there was a 27 car pile up this morning on an entrance ramp. Pretty scary.

Cookie -

No snow there? I would send you some soup if I could. :)

Lance said...

Happy weekend, Lynn! And in the snow, no less! I talked to a friend in North Carolina recently...and they too were "snowed in" with a couple of inches of snow!!! Me? Well...I was out on Friday and shoveled a whole bunch out of the driveway before heading out!!

Rajesh said...

Wonderful winter snaps.

Lynn said...

Lance -

I know - snow is such a part of your life in Wisconsin. My reader in Norway says the same thing - shoveling snow is just a part of the routine. And it was colder in Atlanta yesterday than it was in Canada. How about that.

Rajesh -

Thank you - just standing at the front door snaps. :)

Kim said...

I had heard yesterday of Waycross getting a bit, and actually I believe some fell down by orlando, melted by the time it reached the ground tho...I went to St Aug where it was cold and windy. I actually had on a hat & gloves too! :) come on spring!!!
Keep warm there! Soup sounds lovely!

Lynn said...

Kim -

I know - come on spring!!!!

Snaggle Tooth said...

It certainly changes the familar views, doesn't it?
I heard about a big pile-up accident with many cars on the highway near Atlanta! Lucky you get a "snow-day" off- The pre-storm market rush is normal behavior arounfd here.

Looks like you have a tall baby maple tree in your weeds!

Stay warm n enjoy the soup before the heat returns-

Lynn said...

Snaggle -

I secretly loved my snow day off. The dvr is now empty of recorded programs. I tend to tape series programs meaning to watch them that week, but got far behind by being away so much. So at one point it was 86% full. I had marathon watchings of Heroes, Community, Craig Ferguson and Law & Order SVU. Not to mention finally watching the Paul McCartney concert. Now maybe some reading...