Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Clamoring, passing it up and crunchy day

- These geese who live at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, Georgia. They are literally clamoring for treats - other visitors must know to bring food. They had a lovely little dance going on there though.

- Feeling so virtuous when a vendor brings in ice cream as a treat for my office and I pass it up for my sliced apples and vanilla yogurt. And it was pretty good.

- A hastily put together dinner of red bell pepper strips and hummus. A crunchy kind of day.


G. B. Miller said...

Now those geese I wouldn't mind looking at, as opposed to the plethora of Canadian geese we get that turns the local park into their own personal sandbox.

Granny Annie said...

Love the geese.

I could easily pass up ice cream for apple and yogurt.

Love hummus and love red bell peppers but don't think I could ever call that a meal. Guess I won't know until I try it:)

Louvregirl said...

Interesting birds; they have a strange lump on their heads. I hate the hissing sound they make when they are aggressive though.

Sara said...

This post made me HUNGRY:~) I enjoyed the bread crumbs from one story to the next. I like the geese, they are very different than the geese who live in my area...

I have what I think are Canadian geese, except these guys and girls decided to stay in Florida. They are so funny when they stop traffic in my neighborhood so they cross the road.

p.s. You're very good. I would have eaten the ice cream:~)

Blue Bunny said...

deerist my lynns,

my jannie so sleeping today wit driving my kelly to jimnastiks camp erlee, so i werking she blogg. and maybee get a raze in my pays!!! I now maeking $2.39 a weeks.

geese is usuily not gud frends to me, they steels my foods.

my jannie do preefer yogert and appels to ise kreems, butt she never pass up a chanse for beers.

wit loves, from me



TALON said...

Lynn - the woman with the iron will able to ignore ice cream! I have to admit that yogurt makes an awesome substitute :)

I'm scared of geese - I got attacked by one once. But that's a great photo. :)

Lynn said...

G -

I imagine there is some of that here, too.

Granny Annie -

I am trying to eat every three hours or so, so I end up having smaller meals.

lg -

Hmmm - I wonder if they could do some damage when they get in that hissing mood?

Sara -

I used to work in an office park that had a pond in the interior and some geese settled in it. They did the same thing - they would cross the street and cars would stop and wait patiently.

Blue Bunny -

I could see that you and geese might be the best of friends. They seem rather peckish to me. :)


Talon -

It was ice cream sandwiches, too, - love them.

OK - I didn't know about the violent tendencies of geese. My other photos where shaky from me laughing so hard. When I got out of my car, they started running toward me madly and I had to jump back in at the last minute. They were wanting some food!

Meredith said...

Oh, I love that monastery! (How many places you and I both know.) My favorite spot is, of course, the bonzai greenhouse. I like to watch the monks at work with their delicate instruments, guiding a branch into place. :)

Lynn said...

Meredith -

It's a stop I make frequently on my drive from Atlanta to Milledgeville. Highway 212 begins in Dekalb County and ends right next to our family home in Milledgeville. I love the bonsai greenhouse, too. This time I picked up a rosary made of beads called Job's Tears. Father Anthony makes them and happened to be in the shop that day and blessed it for me. A treasure.

desk49 said...

No vendors treat
This apple's sweet
and a bit of yogurt

Holy Geese will dance
and even might prance
for some of those treats

The last has me tongue tied
for no strips, hummus and
red peppers have I ever tried

Fireblossom said...

I used to bring marshmallows to the San Antonio zoo. I could throw pretty well when I was young, and I would pitch them into the bear's area, and they would get up and wait for them. After a couple of times, they recognized me and came to the edge before I even started pitching treats! I also gave marshmallows to the wolf, who seemed utterly dispirited, but who would get up for the 'mallows.

Bell peppers are a wonderful thing indeed. I like stuffed peppers.

sage said...

Begging animals become a pest!

I started reading last night a book by Judson Mitcham, a Georgia author I've read before. The 2nd paragraph of the book, "The Sweet Everlastings" begins: Out of a six-year-and-two-month sentence to the state prison at Milledgeville..." I was thinking, "Hey, that Lynn's home town!"

Lynn said...

Ellis -

I love that term "Holy Geese!" Indeed they are. Thank you for my poem. :)

Shay -

I'd have never thought of marshmallows for a zoo animal treat. I'll bet they do like that.

Sage -

Milledgeville has not only a prison, but also a large state mental hospital. I don't know that author, but will check him out. You should read Flannery O'Connor sometime.

Anonymous said...

I like ice cream fine, but apple and yoghurt are better. ;)

And those geese are cool. Ducks too. Anything that waddles really. There's something endlessly charming about that. :)

Riot Kitty said...

I'll have you know that all of the items you mentioned here (except geese) are several of my favorite foods! Your blog makes me hungry even when I am full!

Snaggle Tooth said...

Hmm, seems food is the common thread of your good things today! I bet even without treats you were a highlight of the Geeses day-
At least yogurt has that rich, creamy feel. That was willpower!
I like pectin-sweentened cherry or blueberry preserves with plain yogurt myself!
Supper sounds interesting too- never tried humus yet- Wish I could chew...

Lynn said...

Tony -

You make me smile with the phrase "endlessly waddling." So true - they are charming. A little loud, but charming. :)

Riot Kitty -

I could live off hummus and I love red bell peppers - I wish they weren't so pricey.

Snaggle -

That sounds awfully good - blueberry preserves with plain yogurt. Might have to try that!

Wendy said...

My father has these geese. They're Chinese geese and are supposed to have (and his does) great personalities and are really smart. He has about 5 or 6 white geese that he keeps and then the wild Canadian geese that fly in and out to visit his 6 acre pond. The Canadian geese are just annoying b/c they're always around pooping and doing their thing, and the white ones are pretty territorial and protective. One chased my daughter about 300 feet into the garage one day! But the white and the Chinese geese love my dad. They follow him around like dogs. When he's in his fenced in veggie garden, they gather around the perimeter and just stare at him. It's actually a little eerie!!