Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fort Peace, twinkle and fragrant

- This house, referred to as The Castle, but given the wonderful name of Fort Peace originally, was sold at auction this week for $951,000 to a private investor. It is surrounded by office buildings and is just across the street from the Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta. The original owner designed and built it himself in 1910 as a summer home. What a wonderful name he gave it - Fort Peace.

- In the doctor's waiting room, an elderly man settles down in my area of chairs. Is this the fun section? he asks. We all smile and he twinkles back.

- The light rain and moisture in the air this morning makes the scent from the nearby potato chip factory more fragrant that usual. I decide it must be sour cream and onion flavor in the air. :)


Sara said...

I love the idea of Fort Peace. It's almost a contradiction in terms, but it kind of fits your picture of the's surrounded by giant buildings, but remains still. It's not easy for houses to do that with urban development:~)

Regarding the doctor's office, there are those special people who know how to take a nervous situation and make it easier. Ya gotta love 'em.

Lastly, I don't think I could living near a potato chip factory. Doesn't it drive you crazy. Then again, a chocolate factory might be worse:~)

Love sharing your moments:~)

TALON said...

I love that Fort Peace will remain even though it is dwarfed by the buildings. It makes its name even more special :)

We used to live across the city right near a Frito-Lay factory. I loved the chip scents! We once lived near a cookie factory and the smells of vanilla and chocolate drove me to distraction, but made going out in the winter a treat!

I love people with a sense of humor. They seem to stand out more and more these days.

Lance said...

Fort Peace!! What a wonderful, wonderful name!!! Lynn, you so much good in this world...every single day!! And that is SO AWESOME!!

desk49 said...

I was wounding if they were going to take down the old Castle. That was a lot to pay for a parking lot.

You have more than one chair in your doctor’s waiting room?

A chip or two
Off the old onion block
With the fragrant
Of sour cream on the top
The potatoes moved
down the line so fast
sliced, diced, cooked
and popped into the bags
From the moisture the smell
Made me lift my head so I
Went and bought a twinkly instead

Lynn said...

Sara -

According to his obituary, the original owner, Ferdinand McMillan, was a "Confederate veteran, pioneer Atlanta, inventor, business man, and builder of Atlanta's quaintest house." Perhaps having lived through a horrific war made him want to have a space dedicated to peaceful living.

True about the doctors office. And the good news is - the chip factory is near my office, not my house. But living near a chocolate factory - now that would be a scent to behold.

Talon -

I hope this new owner keeps it as is - I believe it is on the historic register, so it should be OK. That is a special name.

Wow - living near a cookie factory would be hard! And yes - I love a good sense of humor in a person, too.

Lance -

Thank you - you are awesome, too!

Ellis -

Sliced, diced and cooked! They are surely done by now. :)

sage said...

love your "mini-stories" such as the elderly gentleman... I don't think I've ever smelled a potato chip factory...

Granny Annie said...

Are there any photographs of Fort Peace before all the concrete sprung up around it? I used to walk home from school and had to climb a hill around a house we called the castle. I wonder how much that place would sell for today?

People who twinkle in the doctor's office with witty remarks aren't necessarily old,they are just confident and don't care what they say.

Give me the sweet fragrance of fresh cooked potato chips anytime.

Fireblossom said...

Fort Peace. How neat. :-)

Love the sour cream and onion air lol. Today I had a big parcel in my mail truck for most of the day, which must have had spices in it, cos it smelled exotic and wonderful!

Louvregirl said...

Wow Lynn~ that's a great house! A closeup would be great as the architectural details look amazing.

Anonymous said...

I believe I may have found my new summer retreat. I shall dip into my savings and buy him out with my impressive gazillion million bucks. :P

I love how you give little snippets of your day on here, Lynn. They always bring a smile to my face, and it makes me realise just how meaningful every seemingly insignificant little moment is.

Ileana said...

Fort Peace sounds wonderful and magical and looks beautiful.

I love the elderly man's comment about "the fun section." I'm borrowing it! lol

Have a happy weekend!! :)

Meredith said...

Sour cream & onion-scented air. How fun!

I love that the old house will remain, Lynn. There is something so striking about it, sitting there, yes, peacefully and simply and stolidly amid the big, shiny, powerful urban boys.

My own internal "fort peace" has had its structure tested this week. Thank you for being there for me, my friend. It meant so much to get those messages, I can't even say. Namaste.

Jannie Funster said...

Your potato factory reminds me of the St Lawrence Starch Co in Mississauga where my uncle worked. The couple times I visited it's aroma was etched inmy brain. Not a bad smell actually.

Wonder if there are any pix of Fort Peace not too long after it was built. I bet it was in the outskirts then, perhaps?

Can't believe I took so long to get over here today, but for a good cause -- I cleaned house for about 5 hours today, much needed. And looking good!


Riot Kitty said...

What an interesting photo - that charming home so close to skyscrapers.

Snaggle Tooth said...

There's a pricy summer home- with an odd location. Looks like a wall around the fort too!
I love nice folks to chat with at the doc office- Beats the grumpy ones anytime!
Here we have a crouton factory near where I work, n it often smells like garlic bread!

Lynn said...

Sage -

Thank you - the mini-stories are there for all of us. It's my favorite part of the day.

Granny Annie -

I can't find any of the outside on the internet this morning - there are some of the inside showing the need for renovation. The are secret passages behind bookcases, lovely old murals, etc. The wall that is show around the house reportedly used to have crevices with stone Uncle Remus figures in them. There was also a public drinking fountain coming out of the wall.

Yes - I used the word elderly to describe the man to capture his spirit. But he is certainly self-confident for sure.

Fireblossom -

I'll bet that happens to you a lot. Sweet smelling packages.

lg -

Here's a link to a power point presentation with more close ups:

Tony -

You make me chuckle! Gazillion bucks - yes, perhaps we can pool our money and call it The Blog House. :)

Thank you - you make my day with that remark, my friend!

Ily -

I think you are working with some wonderful people now who would enjoy that saying. :)

Meredith -

I am so sorry for your loss and just know that you have been in my thoughts. I wish you peace. Namaste, my friend.

Jannie -

There must be some photos, but I am not readily finding them.

Good for you on the house cleaning! I so need to do that.


Riot Kitty -

Yes - it is surrounded. :)

Snaggle -

Yes - that wall is kind of symbolic of a fort. :)