Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Next, all the rage and bright and shining

- This storage place is next door to the printing company and it was a bit poignant to see this man going through papers while he contemplated his stuff. I hope he has a great adventure waiting for him next that he can incorporate his things into.

- A client lunch at a nearby Mexican restaurant that is all the rage in northwest Atlanta - Nuevo Laredo Cantina. It has great salsa, so it passes in my book. :) My choice: Poblano pepper stuffed with Monterrey Jack cheese, spinach y mushrooms. Yum!

- The client is a bright and shining young lady just out of college, who has snagged a plum position at a large non-profit that I already handle printing for. It is lovely to hear about her time at a university that much of my family attended and to hear her large ideas for upcoming work.


Granny Annie said...

My son is in visual communications and works in a small mom and pop shop. He is their press operator and salesman! His biggest challenge is to get his hands clean between running the press and going to business meetings:) Did I mention he is single?

TALON said...

Sorry, but I couldn't help thinking the guy is hiding some files - just the way my mind works - lol!

I just love talking with young people (I'm officially old enough to call them that now - lol) who are full of excitement and promise.

Ileana said...

I wish we had better Mexican restaurants here in Miami. I love a good salsa and stuffed peppers w/ cheese, spinach and mushrooms sounds delicioso!

desk49 said...

Two ladies yakked
over stuffed pepper snacks
about work and university days

a man went through
things he needed to do
before putting it all away

Your poem for the day
so don't put me away
for I still have things to do

Anil P said...

Seeing someone go through their possessions is poignant. Very much so.

Louvregirl said...

Yes Lynn, one of my husband's most favorite dishes is a stuffed poblano pepper! Agreed.

Lynn said...

Granny Annie -

Wow - that's a lot for one person to do in a printing company. I'm impressed. :)

Talon -

I'll bet that happens all the time at storage places. I love talking to young people, too.

Ily -

Ah, but you have such good other restaurants in Miami, I'll bet. Yes - it was yummy.

Ellis -

I like these lines, "Two ladies yakked over stuffed pepper snacks" Cool. :) Thanks for my poem!

Anil -

I am sure there is a story there...

lg -

I'm not eating meat much lately, so I was thrilled to see an option like that. Yum.

Fireblossom said...

That lunch you had sounds yummmmmmmmyyyyyyyy!

Riot Kitty said...

I agree with FB. So hungry!

Anonymous said...

Mexican? Homer Simpson drool...

I'm with Talon. That dude is, like, totally suspicious. How dare he go about his normal, everyman day in such a shifty-eyed fashion? :P

Gotta go and eat now!

Snaggle Tooth said...

Sometimes those storage spaces are full of stuff to sell on ebay... or has lost his house-
Mine tho has a bunch of stuff ontop of a piano.
I don't eat much mexican- can't handle too much hot n spicy stuff- Love spinach dishes tho.
Bright n shiny person tha you'll be seeing often to brighten your day I hope!
Op, Time for some supper!

Whitney said...

oh Nueva Laredo!! I used to go there with friends...the carne asada tacos are heaven. LOVE that place.

Lynn said...

Shay -

It was soooo good!

Riot Kitty -

Hope you got something good to eat!

Tony -

lol - I always think of the storage locker scene in Silence of the Lambs. This guy looked benevolent though. :)

Snaggle -

I hope you can get your piano out one day.