Monday, August 23, 2010

Saturday, Crazy Heart and once in a blue moon

- The weekend definitely had some good things in it - sleeping in on Saturday and some vegging on the couch. The highlight - a wine and cheese tasting benefit party in the evening with friend Kim L. Some tasting, some schmoozing and then on to see Eat Pray Love. This film has not gotten the best reviews, but I think the reviewers haven't read the book - it followed it somewhat faithfully. And I definitely want to go to Bali now.

- A film that did get great reviews - Crazy Heart. Jeff Bridges was so convincing as a down and out singer that I was completely absorbed into the story. And Colin Ferrell's singing was a complete surprise.

- This lovely bouquet had a wonderful name that caught my eye - Blue Moon bouquet. That's what made me want to buy it. Another blue moon isn't due until August 2012, so this was meant to be a once in a blue moon purchase, I suppose. :)


kenju said...

I read Eat, etc. and can't wait to see the movie. Also want to see the other one. Nice bouquet.

Fireblossom said...

I have been lerry of Crazy Heart, even though I really like Jeff Bridges. You promise it's good? You PROMISE?

Fireblossom said...

leery, that should be

Ileana said...

A beautiful bouquet! Wow!

I would LOVE to go to Bali...and meet a sexy Brazilian (or the actor who plays the sexy Brazilian!). ;)

Lance said... and cheese!!!

And - a movie or two.

Me? I'd go to Bali, too!!

Lynn said...

Kenju -

There are a couple of things in Eat Pray Love that aren't true to the book, but for the most part, it follows it.

Fireblossom -

I do promise that it is good, but there are some difficult scenes in the film. I read a review that this film almost went straight to cable. I can't believe that. Jeff Bridges definitely deserved that Oscar.

Ily -

Javier Bardem is SO sexy in that film.

Lance -

They had international wines and different stations set up that way. It was fun.

Jannie Funster said...

I have neither read book nor seen film, but I hear the book is very good.

Is Jeff Brieges still as cute as ever? Always liked his dimpled smile.

Yep, Bali could work! Or even a night down in san Antonio.

Hope you have a sunshine and blue moon bouquet day.

TALON said...

Love that pottery! It's gorgeous. A definite once in a blue moon purchase, but a good one!

Going to watch Crazy Heart if only to see Colin Ferrell sing :) (plus I've always loved Jeff Bridges)

That photo of the cheese and wine make me wish I could reach into the screen :)

sage said...

I'd love to go to Bali, but didn't like the book. She acted like a rich American snot, but then I was in my "India phase" and wanted to learn more about that country and read "Eat, Pray and Love" right after having read "Holy Cow" which is a really funny book by an Australian woman who moved to India. Eat, Pray and Love didn't compare at all to Holy Cow. I don't know if I'll see the movie, but I like Julia Roberts so maybe I will.

Maude Lynn said...

I absolutely loved Crazy Heart!

desk49 said...

Wine and cheese
The tasting not free
And film with bad reviews

But Jeff Bridges did fine
Singing was in time
Colin Ferrell’s carried the tune

The Blue Moon bouquet
Was on display
at a price I won’t pay

Glad your weekend went well.
Till next post

Lynn said...

Jannie -

Jeff Bridges is playing a different kind of part in that film, so I can't say I noticed dimples. Watch it sometime and let me know what you think.


Talon -

That is a vase that I don't remember buying. I ran across it one day - I do love it, too, though.

Sage -

She gives that Julia laugh more than once. I had a bit of an issue with Elizabeth Gilbert in her memoir, too, but got swept into the narrative and ended up really enjoying the book.

Mama Zen -

Me, too - some tense moments in that film though.

Ellis -

Thank you for my poem! Another good one. :)

Louvregirl said...

I will taste wine and cheese with you any day Lynn :)

Louvregirl said...

Glad that you had a nice weekend!!

Riot Kitty said...

I'm going to see the movie this week - a feminist site I write for totally trashed it, and I thought, "You all missed the point! This is supposed to be a chick flick!"

I loved the songs in Crazy Heart.

Lynn said...

lg -

Thank you and I would love that. :)

Riot Kitty -

They should be trashing the book instead of the film, I think, since it is a true story. It sure does make a good chick flick!

The music is in Crazy Heart is lovely.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Wow, great looking cheeses! Sounds like I should read "Eat Pray Love"-Don't think I've heard of "Crazy Heart" either! Been too busy I guess. Looks like Netflix-
Those flowers Look pretty!
Funny I typo'd "Aug 2012" in hovernotes n fixed to "2010" before loading your page!

Anonymous said...

Good grief! So much blog reading to catch up on! :P

Gotta check out Crazy Heart too. I love Jeff Bridges. I think he's an extraordinary actor. :)

Lynn said...

Snaggle -

I recommend both that book and the film. I think the author of Eat Pray Love might have gotten an advance to write the book, so had the funds to live on while she traveled. Although she certainly didn't live above her means.

As a musician, you would love Crazy Heart, I'll bet. Let me know if you watch it.

Tony -

A great film, I think. I'm glad you are catching up. :)