Monday, August 16, 2010

Not in Macon anymore, fixed and shadow

- Lamps and pillows and hats, oh my! Just one of the whimsically packed boxes that journeyed down to my mother's new home in Thomasville, Georgia this weekend.

- My brother-in-law spots that I have a car headlight out and fixes it for me with little effort. One of the most procrastinated things ever and so lovely to have it taken care of.

- My mother remarks on the shadow cast on the wall by a carefully placed sculpture.


desk49 said...

all in a box placed up on top
those lamps pillows and hats
In a mad trip to their new home
A light repaired a ticket spared
and a brother-in-law who cared
This rhyme's out of time and a
shadow on a wall that's not there

Fireblossom said...

I hear you about the headlight. I am ridiculously grateful when my son fixes some gadget or other for me. My usual strategy of looking at the broken item dolefully and saying, "oh sugar, don't break now, pleeease?" doesn't really seem to work. ;-)

Lynn said...

Ellis -

I like it! The shadow was from an award my dad won once - it was the first thing mom noticed when she sat down in her new living room. Thank you for my poem!

Shay -

My friend Leisa was following me in her car once and called me on her cell phone to tell me that I had a tail light out. About three months later she said, "You haven't had that fixed yet!" I am the worst procrastinator about things like that and yes - I was so grateful that he did that for me.

Lance said...

Nice work - to your brother-in-law! I had a headlight that went out one time, and it ended up being a whole lot of work to get it fixed (since it wasn't just the bulb!).

Jewel Allen said...

I have a neighbor who also collects hats. A mark of an interesting personality!

How wonderful to have a fixer-type of bro in law. Fixing cars seems to be a lost art anymore.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... I wonder if there was a pair of red slippers in that box as well... ;)

Jannie Funster said...

I once made a hat out of a pillow on a lamp. It was great until I plugged it in and got electrocuted!!

You were missed -- glad you're back safe and that Mama's settled in.


sage said...

I'm sure it was an emotional weekend--a few years ago I helped move my grandma out of her house... She was in her 90s and had lived there since before WW2.

TALON said...

Sounds like the move went well! Shadows are quite often much more intriguing than the actual object :)

Meredith said...

The move is complete, sounds like it went smoothly, Lynn, and you even got a headlight fix out of it!

Just FYI, I am a total idiot about car things -- and yet someone showed me two years ago how to replace the lights on my car, and it is dead simple, and you save so much $ doing it yourself. Or having your BIL do it. Really, whatever works. ;)

Lynn said...

Lance -

Since I'm single, I am used to handling a lot of different things alone (including car repairs), but this one little thing kept getting put off. I appreciate him very much.

Jewel -

Mom has three big floppy gardening hats that could double as any kind of sun hat. That box was funny to me in that the pillows were protecting the lamps and there was just enough room left on top to plop those hats in. :)

Tony -

I'm a big Oz fan. Can you tell? :)

Jannie -

Thanks Jannie - I enjoyed the weekend - it was action packed, but we did a lot of laughing. I needed that.

Sage -

Not as much as last time. Last time it was mom and dad - he passed away last December and she has just been bereft without him. This will put her closer to my younger sister.

Talon -

When she smiled and remarked on the shadow, I knew I'd blog about that.

Lynn said...

Meredith -

I think I just enjoyed having someone do something for me more than anything. :)

The move went very smoothly - I am so glad it's done and mom is happy.

Ileana said...

What a kind BIL. Glad you got that headlight fixed ASAP!

Hats...I'd love to see those hats!

G. B. Miller said...

Now you can have an instant game of charades with the box of lamps, hats and pillows.

Sara said...

It's nice that you notice these less obvious "good" things. Sometimes, we don't mention them enough, especially when they are simple a shadow on the wall. :~)

Riot Kitty said...

Lamps, pillows, and hats! I love it.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Lynn, An interesting combo indeed! Sometimes you need a special "star" shaped tool for those headlights- I got one, n have to do my own. What a nice guy to do that for you-
Your Mother enjoyed an interesting Shadow- she must be an art appreciator too!

Lynn said...

Ily -

Maybe I'll photograph those hats sometime. :)

G -

We are more of a dominoes crowd, but maybe!

Sara -

It is a special award that my dad won that casts the shadow - I loved it so much that my mom noticed.

Riot Kitty -

My sister thought it was so interesting that I took that picture - they don't have the blog link, so she didn't understand. Just more quirkiness from her sis. :)

Snaggle -

My mom is very much an art appreciator - maybe that's who I got my eye from.