Friday, November 19, 2010

Banner day, wee neighbors and nice neighbors

Photo by ALM

- My niece's dog Hank is a celebrity now - this picture was published on the Ducks Unlimited website. He mostly just likes to play and bark, so modestly accepts this honor. Today is his first birthday.

- The fern hanging outside my front door is still living and looks as big and lush as ever. Some wrens have been flying in and out of it - I think its denseness is a good barrier to the wind and cold, so they burrow into the middle of it. I wonder why they stick around - I'd be in Miami for the winter. :)

- My neighbor comes out of her condo leading her teenage son (who is blind) at the same time I am leaving for work. She tells me that yesterday he said "Bye Lynn!" as they were leaving. When I looked confused because I didn't remember seeing them, she said "No - you weren't out here, he just said it anyway." How nice and this time he got to say it in person.

I hope you have a banner weekend, my friends!


Fireblossom said...

How sweet is that? "Bye, Lynn!" That had to make you feel good.

Granny Annie said...

Hank is such a classy yellow lab. My sister's lab turned 15 last week and she has slowed down a bunch. It will be a sad day for our entire family when their doggy is gone.

I agree that the wrens should head to Florida for the winter but they probably are of a curious nature and don't want to miss anything.

Sounds like you have a good friend in the neighbor boy.

Jannie Funster said...

He looks so mature for one!

Miami sounds good! Tho my fave placs over there are on the west coast.

Lynn, (don't tell anyone but) when I wake each day I say "Hi, Lynn!!



TALON said...

Hank is gorgeous! And how sweet is that about your neighbor's son! Awww!

It's amazing that any birds stick around for the cold. Boy oh boy - if I had wings! :)

desk49 said...

From 11PM Wednesday night till 7AM this morning I worked 21 of the 32 hours 10 hours off is not bad. But the blogging took a hit.

My brain is dead
my eyes falling shut
my fingers miss keying
no poem will strut
so I'll just say

a dogs birthday
a wrens fern hut
a blind kid saying bye
from your desk49 nut

Lynn said...

FB -

It did make me feel good - he is a sweet boy.

Granny Annie -

Those are *my* wrens. They sometimes build nests in whatever hanging plant I have there - which at times has made it difficult to water. I like it that they have adopted me.

Jannie -

That's why he is known as Hank "the Tank" :)

Seriously? If so, then thank you very much.


Talon -

Can you imagine just being able to fly anywhere you want? I would love that. I'd flap up to Canada and visit you in the summer. :)

Ellis -

I'll bet you are tired! No nut at all - I'm glad you made the effort. Hope you get some rest.

Riot Kitty said...

Happy birthday to Hank! He looks like a sweetie.

Meredith said...

How fun to know that you get greeted when you aren't even there! I'm betting you make a very lovely neighbor, Lynn. :)

As for the wrens, it's wonderful to give them a place to hang out now -- and they may use it as a nest in spring. Wrens are notorious for using anything available and loving front porches. A pair of Carolina wrens here used the broken light fixture of our neighboring unit when it was empty of neighbors. We didn't even see how they could get into that tiny opening, honestly. But it was a bit scary once the babies started fledging -- because of our cats. Nowhere for the babies to fall but onto the porch. It was nerve-wracking and we kept the cats inside a lot. So if there are local kitties about, you may want to discourage nesting in the spring by bringing your fern in for a week or two. ;)

Adrenalynn said...

Happy birthday Hank! And what a cute kid! That's so sweet :)

Maude Lynn said...

What an absolutely gorgeous dog!

Have a great weekend, Lynn!

Snaggle Tooth said...

I remember the golden puppy pic on a walk with a shadow. what a fine looking dog he's become in such a short time! great pic!
Funny the wrens are living in your ferns. Today is still in the 30s here, Miami sounds good!
You must make a difference in the young man's life-
Have a good Week-end too!

Lynn said...

Riot Kitty -

I haven't met him yet, but will on the day after Thanksgiving. We'll have three dogs and a cat - lots of activity. :)

Meredith -

Those same wrens often build a nest in whatever hanging basket I have there. No cats around that seem to realize they are there - it does make for some awkward plant watering though. I am about to move the fern to the back porch so my Christmas wreath with the white twinkle lights will be more visible on my front door.

Lynn -

Thanks and it is good to see you.

Mama Zen -

Thank you and hope you are having a happy birthday.

Snaggle -

I am around the blind quite often in my volunteer work and so have learned to not talk too loudly (they can usually hear just fine) and this young man is autistic as well, so I take up a lot of time with him. He is great.

Wendy said...

It's great to have friendly neighbors. My neighbor never says hi - and she sees me perfectly fine!

Hank is quite the noble-looking dog!

Lynn said...

Wendy -

He is noble looking - isn't noble a great word?