Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Home again, comfort, and life is but a dream

- Receiving this flower for representing my father at my parents' church on Sunday in my home town in honor of All Saints' Day. The church is adjacent to a cemetery that has graves dating to 1804. I always mean to take some time to walk around it again and will one day. Author Flannery O'Connor is buried here, as is Bill Miner, an "American criminal" according to Wikipedia. He was called "The Gentleman Robber" and is said to be responsible for the phrase "Hands Up!" His gravestone says he is "The Last of the Famous Western Bandits."

- Having a comforting cup of soul warming soup for a snack at work. It is always cold there this time of year and although I've grown accustomed to it, it never hurts to have something hot to drink.

- Coming home from work to three young neighbors out playing. They are loudly singing, with great hilarity, "Row, row, row your boat" - except they have changed the ending to "life is but a strawwww!"


Fireblossom said...

Those children are breaking the rules, and you know how I am about rules! *snicker*

Soup is wonderful stuff indeed. I love soup!

Granny Annie said...

We belong to a church with 8,000 members. All Saints Day is difficult for me. Every year they call the names of church members who have died this past year and invariably someone's name will sneak up on me that I did not know was deceased and it breaks me up.

I made a huge pot of beef soup Sunday and today it goes out for the chickens. It was awful. I hate it when that happens.

Those children did not do badly changing the song. I can't repeat the words we changed as children:)

TALON said...

lol @ the new interpretation of the lyrics!

Carnations are lovely...as is this post. :)

Jewel Allen said...

Love that creative singing!

Old Souls day was big in the Philippines. Miss that. It was always a religious and spooky feeling. Great experience for kids.

Louvregirl said...

I too, enjoy walking through a grave site and reading headstones...the older the better. Hope that you can
get the time. But~ don't go alone!
Have a wonderful day Lynn (hugs!)

desk49 said...

In the grave
they all will rest
from famous robbers
to authors none the lest

The weather was cold
in the tummy you tuck
that cup of soup
you went and drank all up

The words were changed
as they did sing
because they didn't know
thee old ending

Lynn said...

FB -

I love soup, too. Yes - I was smiling as I unloading the car and listening to them sing that over and over. Not sure what that straw thing was about.

Granny Annie -

Wow - that is a huge church. Their church is much smaller. I sat in the same spot mom and dad used to sit in and stood for my dad when his name was called. It felt comforting and sad at the same time.

I make Martha Stewart's Big Batch Vegetable Soup - I don't add any meat to it. It's better a couple of days later.

Oh come on - repeat it! :)

Talon -

They were so funny singing that. They are two little girls and one little boy - they play so hard.

Thank you, my friend.

Jewel -

Me, too. :) It was kind of spooky seeing how few of the elderly people are left at that church. My dad used to stand at the front door and greet - he did that for years and years. Now there is just one man there in the usher brigade that I know who was his friend.

lg -

I've got a couple of friends that want to see Flannery's farm, so maybe we can do it during that excursion.

Ellis -

I like it! Thank you for my poem. A great wrap-up. :)

Wendy said...

life is but a strawww, cute. Kids are funny.

soup - an amazing invention.

Riot Kitty said...

I'd love to go see that cemetery.

Snaggle Tooth said...

I used to love sight-seeing in cemeteries when young- but know avoid them! Credit for "Hands Up!" is a cool legacy- even if a crook.
Some days there's no substitute for how good warm soup makes you feel.
Sad, the American dream has become a sippy straw! funny!

Lynn said...

Wendy -

Soup IS an amazing invention. :)

Riot Kitty -

It's a great one.

Snaggle -

I thought it was a cool legacy, too. Who knew? :)

Meredith said...

The sight of that single white carnation chokes me up, Lynn. I hope the service gave you some peace and comfort.

I love walking in cemeteries and graveyards -- although lately I haven't felt like indulging in one of these walks. No surprise there, I guess.

I did learn something interesting about the terms cemetery and graveyard in a book I read recently. "Cemetery" is the word used when the burial sites are not adjacent to a church. "Graveyard" is the word for a burial site attached to a church and implies that the ground there is holy or has been blessed for that purpose.

Lynn said...

Meredith -

I sat in their usual spot and it did make me feel close to my dad.

That's interesting. This cemetery is across the street from the church - so probably adjacent wasn't the correct word to use there. They aren't affiliated with each other, although that church is just as old. Sadly - the church is moving to a new location at some point near Lake Sinclair.

Jannie Funster said...

kids! :) We're always making up crazy lyrics too.

Well, if ya gotta be famous for something eh... :)


Lynn said...

Jannie -

You are my favorite kid. :)