Monday, April 4, 2011

Fields of green, mirror baby and Miss Elmera

- This grove of pecan trees was so beautiful, with its leafing out, fields of clover and wildflowers that I couldn't resist pulling over on the Georgia Florida Parkway (near Albany, Georgia) to photograph it during a weekend road trip.

- A toddler is delighted to be standing on the restroom vanity (with her mother holding on) - she points at herself in the mirror and says, "That's my baby!" Her mother says, "No, that's MY baby!" "Noooo - that's MY baby!!!" And on and on - lots of giggling as they leave.

- A 96-year-old woman confides her age. She is sharp as a tack and can see, hear and get around perfectly. She thinks it was all the farm living - she lived alone on a farm until last year. What I admire most is her spirit; she is friendly and gracious, with a ready smile and delightful personality.


LL Cool Joe said...

That 96 year old sounds like my kind of person. She sounds amazing.

Lovely photo. :)

Fireblossom said...

I love about the mom and girl. :-)

G. B. Miller said...

Always curious on how pecans were grown.

I'm sure that the trees give off a fantastic aroma when they're in full bloom.

desk49 said...

Each year the trees
Do the same
as the child and her mother
do their thing
and the older woman
no regrets remain

Granny Annie said...

And we got so excited about one of our new pecan trees yielding seven pecans last year:)

I absolutely love eavesdropping on child conversations.

It is especially fun to hear a healthy elderly person attribute their long life to alcohol and cigarettes:) I once heard a man nearing 100 tell the secret of keeping his black hair. "I never washed it" he said.

Ileana said...

I want to be like that 96 year old woman NOW! She rocks! :)

Beautiful pic! Thanks for sharing the way you do and have a Happy Monday, amigiuita!

Lynn said...

Joe -

She is delightful and I liked that she treated me like a friend, rather my someone's daughter.

FB -

That was such a beautiful little girl, too - she looked a little like Cindy Lou Who, with her blond hair.

G -

Pecan trees don't smell like anything and the "blossoms" look like green worms before they transform into the fruit. There are miles and miles of these trees. I never took any photos this weekend and thought this was a particularly beautiful spot - I pulled over and leaned out of the passenger side window to get the picture.

Ellis -

Perfect wrap-up poem! Thank you for it.

Granny Annie -

Miss Elmera told me that she hated to leave her farm, but she really did need help getting meals and such and this was a good move for her.

Ily -

I know - something to aspire for. She does rock! You are welcome and I am always glad to see you, Ily.

Louvregirl said...

Farm living is probably the best for a body! What lovely, bright colors you are seeing Lynn (in the first photo!) Those are beautiful pecan trees...I love pecans too!

happygirl said...

How can I want to be someone's baby and the 94 year old woman at the same time?

Jannie Funster said...

I was planning on keeping my age a secret until age 97, but I've certainly let the cat out of the bag! :)

That mom / toddler thing sounds like America's Funniest home Videos material! So cute.

Lovely field shot, your composition is perfect, wiht the sky showing through about 1/3 of the frame. Excellent!!


Maude Lynn said...

What a gorgeous picture!

TALON said...

Can't wait to see those acid greens around here. That toddler and mom - how cute is that? I bet you had to giggle, too, Lynn! :)

My Mom is 86 this summer and I'm totally in awe of her and her strength and her seemingly ageless way of being - still doing volunteer work, walking miles every day. This woman sounds equally delightful. It's great to know that ageing with grace and beauty and strength is totally possible.

Lynn said...

lg -

I spotted that particular grove on the way down Saturday morning a screeched to a halt when I passed it on Sunday afternoon. :)

happygirl -

Awww - thanks for saying that. I'm glad you are coming by.

Jannie -

Happy Birthday again, my friend! :) And thanks about the photo - it could have used a bit of straightening, but I figured it wasn't bad for lowering the passenger side window and leaning over the emergency brake to snap the photo. I didn't want to get out of the car because I was too close to cars whizzing by.


Mama Zen -

Thank you!

Talon -

She was just delighted to be standing there - so cute. I did smile at them when I went by.

Your mother is a tribute to grace in aging - I'm impressed that she still does volunteer work at her age.

Sara said...


I really like this one. It's connects to me. I know you do this purposely, but I can't resist. You have the trees that are greening, the baby giggling and the woman, living graciously in her older years. They fit for me.

Thanks for sharing this:~)

Sparkling Red said...

Aw, nothing beats a giggly baby! :-D

My grandmother is 94 and sharp as a tack. I think you'd like her a lot.

Riot Kitty said...

I'd like to meet more friendly and gracious people. I tend to meet the cranky and ungracious ones, no matter what age!

Snaggle Tooth said...

So much freshly sprouted green- yay! Sounds like such a cute restroom surprize! Nifty to get so old due to healthy farm environment!
Is Miss Elmera in the same place as your Mother?

Lynn said...

Sara -

I'm so glad - this post came together rather easily, too. I was kind of in your neck of the woods, too.

Sparkling Red -

I know I would like her - I love the elderly.

Riot Kitty -

Assisted living homes - that's where you find the positive people. Some are cranky for sure, but most have a remarkable spirit.

Snaggle -

Yes - she is one of her table mates. They are assigned tables. I was able to have three meals with them at the table this weekend due to one table mate being away. They were all delightful really.