Monday, April 11, 2011

Right on schedule, anniversary and a good thing

- A warm Sunday, the pollen count was 2790 (you could write your name in it), but my potted Hosta has started its little miracle comeback, right on schedule.

- My sister and her husband had their wedding anniversary on Friday and he asked her if she would like to go to a restaurant he knows she likes that evening. When I call her on my way home from work, she is making lasagna, his favorite, as a surprise. She says he doesn't really like that restaurant and they haven't had a home cooked meal in days and days. Bet it was lovely.

- The stereo speaker covers on the back dash of my car started crumbling recently - probably from being in the sun all the time. I look it up on the internet and find that it is a common problem and someone has made a you tube video showing how to replace them. I order the replacement covers on ebay for $25 and my mechanic agrees to meet me on Saturday morning to put them on. We watch the video and he fixes it for nothing.* What a nice man. And Toyota wanted $600+, saying that the entire back console needed replacing. Now that's a good thing.

* Why would he do that? I've been his customer for more than 20 years and sent him numerous referrals. One of my friends said, "You're right - he really will tell you don't need a tuneup, etc. if you really don't need it right then."


Louvregirl said...

"fixes it for nothing..."
YES. I am thinking about your pollen.
It is (just) too windy here in the mountains for pollen to stay any one place for to long!

TALON said...

That pollen count - I don't suffer from allergies, but that's making even me sneeze! Yikes!

There are some truly lovely people in the world and the funny thing is, when we meet them, we're always surprised by their genuine kindness which tells you how rare those people are.

Meredith said...

I'm loving the sight of your little green miracle, right on time, as always. :)

Even though that pollen count sounds outrageous, I have it from a reliable source that Atlantans are due some welcome relief tonight in the form of rain. I hope for your sake, Lynn, that it's a wonderful, soaking spring shower, the kind that's a soothing lullaby for deep sleep.

desk49 said...

Tho the seeds were high
it reached for the sky
a wedding renewed
and a surprise for two
a speaker crumbled
you saved a bundle
for the money you pay
you get an honest day

G. B. Miller said...

Very cool about your mechanic. Mine is much the same way in that I can pick up my car and pay him the next day for it, or if its a really expensive repair, pay it piecemeal.

And that was a truly lovely gift that your sister gave her husband.

Jannie Funster said...

I think the mechanic is madly in love with you. And how could he not be!???

Yes, so much pollen here too, not even going to wash the car, maybe not until after Halloween. :)

And hey -- is that a "Jimmy" Hosta?? :) The mascot plant of the teamsters?


Fireblossom said...

I think Lynn rocks out so much, it disintegrated the speaker covers! ;-)

happygirl said...

I love YouTube and fix it videos. Good for you, Lynn

happygirl said...

I love YouTube and fix it videos. Good for you, Lynn

Riot Kitty said...

Or maybe he wants a date with you ;)

Lynn said...

lg -

You are lucky then - it's bad here. Yesterday I walked for 45 minutes anyway - it was down to 1169, but is back up today.

Talon -

Absolutely - he is just the nicest man. He referred me to the tire people that I go to and we talked about how nice he is - they said it probably doesn't seem possible, but his wife is even nicer. I can imagine that. He just glowed telling me about the vacation he just took her on.

Meredith -

Yes - I post about that hosta sprout every year - my little garden skills are very limited.

See post this morning - it rained, but I missed it.

Ellis -

I like it! Thank you for my poem. :)

G -

I thought so, too - she loves nothing more than dinner out, so I thought that gesture was a definite good thing.

Lynn said...

Jannie -

See response to Talon on how my mechanic feels about his wife. He is just a nice man, that's all.

I know - I am afraid the pollen will be around until Halloween, too!

I'm naming that Hosta Jimmy - from now on I'm calling it Jimmy. :)


FB -

Oh that's it! :)

hg -

I actually would have posted a link to the video, but that guy had such an offensive moniker that I just couldn't. But definitely helpful - I bought that Camry from a private sale and so don't get the updates from Toyota.

Riot Kitty -

Nope - he doesn't. We are probably very similar in nature - both Aquarians. His birthday is within a week of mine. :)

Jannie Funster said...

How's Jimmy today? Growing leaps and bounds overnight? :)


Snaggle Tooth said...

Yay, your hosta is growing! The pollen Headahces have just begun for me here.
You obviously have a wonderful sister! Happy Day to those two!
Great deal on the speaker covers! It does pay to be a faithful n nice customer! You are so lucky-

Lynn said...

Jannie -

Jimmy Hosta HAS grown since I took that photo! :) I'll tell him you asked about him.


Snaggle -

Isn't that lovely of her? I do have a wonderful sister.