Wednesday, June 8, 2011

She said, tennis and attachment

- On Monday, Mr C's sign read "Raynor come do shots with me." This must be the follow up message. :) Couldn't resist snapping this on the way into work yesterday a.m.

- I thought at first it has something to do with the French Open, but examined the finalists' names in my head and couldn't see a match. On Sunday, I had the finals on at my mother's apartment and she said she didn't realize I liked tennis. I say I like it when Rafael Nadal is playing.

- Friend Jennifer posted this on facebook, "I left my cell phone at home today, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to die." I'm pretty sure she didn't, but I sort of understand. :)


Snaggle Tooth said...

Must have been some strange stuff she said... I only liked tennis when I had a boyfriend who did- now I hate watchintg it! I'm not a great player, either. Ping Pong I'm great at tho!
I always think I'll need the cell when I don't have it too! Or forget to charge it I hope all was just fine for her!

happygirl said...

I HATE it when I either forget to charge my phone or leave it at home. Then I can't play Angry Birds under the table during meetings. It makes the work day so long.

That's what she said.

LL Cool Joe said...

Wow I don't even have a mobile phone, and look I'm still here!

I haven't watched tennis for years but I used to work at Wimbledon every summer when I was a student.

Louvregirl said...

Funny post today
(I chuckled)

TALON said...

lol - I imagine after the shots the conversation gets really interesting ;)

I love that Rafa won - especially since so many thought he wasn't on his game this year.

No cell here, so no cell withdrawal...but if we talk about chocolate or something - lol!

Sara said...


so you're also a Nadal fan? I wasn't sure how this match go since he played so many long setters in the tournament, but I was smiling at the end:~)

Ileana said...

I like the "she said" jokes...loved that you posted that pic to go with your post. :)

As for cell phones, I feel like that about my iPad now...and I've only had it a few short months. Funny how we become programmed to "need" these things we used to live so happily without.

Riot Kitty said...

A friend of mine says that every time you read a fortune cookie's fortune, you should add, "With no pants on."

My latest one read, "A stranger will soon become a friend (with no pants on.)"

desk49 said...

I'm back for a time.
Lots more to do when you're about to throw in that old time clock. Retiring not dying.

A sign that said she said
I seem to question why
And now we’ll never know
As tennis balls go flying by
Then a lost cell phone
And someone’s going to die
I placed my hands upon my head
And he said she said, you said,
I think I’ll just cry

Granny Annie said...

We were half way to Tulsa for Ron's treatments when I realized my cell phone was still at the house. We did not have time to go back and I was first weak at the realization. As it turned out, it was delightful not having it with us:)

Lynn said...

Snaggle -

I think Jennifer is one of those people on the phone all the time - IMing, texting, angry birds. All that.

happygirl -

Hee hee - I like what she said. :)

Joe -

I got one at first for safety reasons and now it's part of my life. The plan I'm on includes free in country long distance - so I depend on that to talk to my family. They are all out of town.

That's pretty cool that you worked at Wimbledon!

lg -

I'm glad you liked it. :)

Talon -

Right??? I agree about the shots!

Sara -

I'm not a huge tennis fan, but yes, he has captured my attention. I'm so glad he won.

Ily -

The funny thing is - I'm so just half awake when I do my posting between 5am and 6am, that sometimes things come together and I don't even realize it. Like the "she said" stuff - I inadvertently wrote the post to go with the photo without much thought.

Riot Kitty -

Woo hoo! Depending upon who that stranger is, that could be fun. :)

Ellis -

I hope you enjoy your retirement and find lots to do during it. It's a huge transition. I'm always glad to see you and thank you for my poem!

Annie -

I think that's great. :) I hope Ron is better soon.

Laura said...

Is it possible Mr. C's sign had something to do with this band:

Just happened to read something about them in the Dunwoody Crier the other day.

Lynn said...

Laura -

Welcome and I hope you come back. Thanks for that link - I imagine that is it. Very often there are things that don't make sense to me on that sign that I pass every day. :) Today there is something about Jagermeister. :)

Anil P said...

The follow-up is intriguing to say the least.

I'm glad Nadal won. And I hope he makes the Wimbledon count as well.