Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Gift, innovation and kindness

- Meeting with two nice women who are opening a high-end catering company across the street. They sent me off with a container of chicken salad on cucumbers and tomatoes, topped with fresh basil.

- The "Poor Man's Chilhuly" sculpture beside the guards' desk at Georgia Public Broadcasting. It was an art piece some school children worked up as a thank you for GPB and consisted of plastic bottles painted festively and entwined with curly ribbons, all strung together and mounted on a stand.

- Making it to the AutoZone near my house before it closed. My car cranked sluggishly when leaving my volunteer work in the evening and, sure enough, a new battery was needed. I was annoyed about this unexpected expense, but the good thing was nice Mr. Peña who installed it for me on the spot in the parking lot.

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