Friday, October 10, 2008

Satisfaction, LOL and lovely wish

- "Well done good and faithful…" This message from fellow grant writer Robert T., after we submitted our grant proposals to the Presbytery, made my day.

- One of my clients called frantically that she would be late for our working lunch. Her fiancé locked himself in the garage wearing only his boxer shorts and the oven was on, so she had to go let him out. She said the only thing he had to do this day was bake cookies and clean the parrot cage.

- My latest postcard from a Postcrossing member is from Sim in China. His Message: "Today is the next day to Chinese Mid-Autumn Day. As the old saying goes: (he writes a message in Chinese characters), meaning that today's moon is the fullest throughout the year. May the moon and this card carry my best wishes to you."

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