Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blue building, one more day and Cash Cab

- This building on Defoor Avenue in Atlanta, part of my daily commute. I've always been intrigued by its artful details - the silver painted door, the different colored chairs in front, the bronze painted urn, etc. and wondered if it was a business or residence.

- Walking into work on a Monday morning and finding that a co-worker has brought in Krispy Kreme donuts and deciding that my vow to eat less sugar can wait one more day.

- Hearing that my favorite game show, "Cash Cab", won a daytime Emmy award. A bit of an anomaly on the Discovery Channel, the premise is that unassuming people enter the "Cash Cab" in New York City as simple passengers taking a normal taxi ride, only to be shocked when they discover that they’re instant contestants on a game show. It is great fun, I think.


desk49 said...

All the cabs I road in were cash Cabs. Only it was one-way cash.

Krispy Kremes are a delight. I had an apple fid-doer (not sure of the spelling) yesterday the two little old Chine ladies did not get their walk hot and it was a bit greasy.

The building of blue a door of silver and a urn the color of gold
chairs of many colour yes I'd say
that might be something to behold.

Fireblossom said...

Sooo...would you do the Cash Cab double-or-nothing Video Challenge?

He is rotten the way he acts like people got it wrong when they didn't. LOL.

TALON said...

That's a tough call on the building, isn't it? It's quietly yelling industrial chic. But if it is a business, they're definitely keeping it on the down-lo.

I've never heard of that show or seen it, but it sounds like a fun premise. Do people ever decide to NOT participate? Oh, but there's moeny involved - forget I asked that :)

Jannie Funster said...

Less sugar, what? Surely tha tis sac-reliege, my petite.

That show sounds like a hoot!!

And I think inside that building is a magazine quality showcase home!!


Blue Bunny said...

i likes boiled beets.


Maude Lynn said...

I love those colorful chairs!

Granny Annie said...

Now this inquiring mind MUST know if that building is a home or office!

Lynn said...

Ellis -

You should check out Cash Cab sometime. The patrons act as if it is a big surprise to be getting in a cab and having the driver ask them trivia questions. :)

Apple fritter, maybe? I love those, too.

I finally ended up in must the right spot waiting for the light to change so that I could get my photo through the passenger window.

Fireblossom -

I might. Or I might take the money and run. My niece lives in New York and it would be fun to be in the Cash Cab with her. :)

Talon -

There aren't many cars there during the day, if any. But last Friday night, when I left work later than usual, the lot was loaded with cars and there was a woman in rocker looking clothes and a top hat with a bunch of feathers coming out of the band talking on her cellphone outside. I decided maybe a band lives or rehearses there.

I'm thinking it is staged, but I like the aspect of it. My dad was the one who found that show and told me about it.

Jannie -

I do love the sugar, so it's hard to cut down. :)


Blue Bunny -

Boiled beets sounds like a healthy snack!


Mama Zen -

They look like some metal chairs that I used to have that were white. Easy to spray paint like that, I think.

Lynn said...

Granny Annie -

I am going to take note of the house number next time and see if I can google the address to find out which it is. I'd love to know, too. Isn't it cool?

sage said...

Those chairs look so nice I might be tempted to sit down, good thing I have decent depth perception or I might be sitting on my butt...

Krispy Kremes use to be such a treat--first place I'd stop when back in NC, but now they're ubiquitous, the magic is gone.

Meredith said...

Looks like an artist colony to me! I do miss all those urban mysteries. Around here, if there's something I'm curious about -- and mention it, I'll find out pretty quickly what's going on, just by word of mouth. It's a strange phenomenon, still getting used to it. ;)

I've been trying to cut back on sugar, too. But then F. brought these chocolate-coated-vanilla icecream bonbons into the house, and my resolve dissolved in a cool, sweet puddle on my tongue.

Now, what do you have to do to win prizes in the cash cab? If it's give correct directions, I'd be sunk...

LL Cool Joe said...

Yeah my vow to eat less sugar gets put off until tomorrow, everyday! :D

Interesting blue building.

Lynn said...

Sage -

Oddly - there is no Krispy Kreme store convenient to my home or office. I wish there was because I love to take them to clients.

Meredith -

It's clear a bunch of cool people are in and out of there. I like the way the front looks, sort of carelessly artsy. Yes - small towns are very much like that. :)

Those bons bons sound yummy. Yum.

You have to answer trivia questions that are increasingly difficult and the length goes on as long as the destination you requested on your cab ride. It's great fun, I think.

Joe -

So you have a sweet tooth like me. It's so hard to get rid of! :)

Anonymous said...

Now, what would make this all tie in nicely is if the prize you get when you win the Cash Cab challenge is a free tour of that mysterious building... and it turns out to be the secret world headquarters of Krispy Kreme. A liftime's supply of Krisp Kreme donuts for everyone! WOOHOO!

Anonymous said...

Dang it, I meant to type "lifetime's", although I guess with that many donuts it would be a lot to lift... :P

Anonymous said...

...hence the cab.

Lynn said...

Tony -

Oh you made me chuckle just now. :) My mind instantly went to entering through the silver door to conveyor belts with Krispy Kreme donuts going past - all the while the guy from Cash Cab is firing questions away like he does. Hehe.

Lynn said...

Woo hoo is right!

Riot Kitty said...

I've never seen a silver door before. And the vow to eat less sugar can always wait one more day!

Lynn said...

Riot Kitty -

A blingy door - a good thing. :)

Snaggle Tooth said...

Yes, those are intriguing details there...
I've never had a krispy Creme. I'd prob OD on sucrose too-
Never seen that show- If "Cash Cab" happened to me by surprise- I'd prob get ticked off, (on camera without primp time) N especially if I didn't win!