Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Story hour, the long way back and smiles

- What I love the most about Fire Station # 19, the oldest station in Atlanta, is that they have story hour on Sunday with ice cream. I hope it is the fire fighters who read the stories.

- A work appointment in Decatur, Georgia, allowing me to take the scenic long way back to the office through Druid Hills and the Virginia Highlands neighborhood, with a lunch hour stop at a favorite shop along the way. (Right across the street from the fire station.)

- Ending the afternoon with a stop at the eye doctor's office. The receptionist's little granddaughter is visiting. She has long red hair done up in braids and is so shy that she smiles while looking down. I tell her how pretty I think her hair is, and she smiles and looks up this time.


G. B. Miller said...

Do you plan on checking out the story hour someday for yourself? :D

Fireblossom said...

That's us red haired girls. We are very very shy! ;-)

Granny Annie said...

Didn't you then want to pick up a book and read to the cute little red haired girl?

Lynn said...

G -

No - no little ones. But my cousin and his wife live in the neighborhood right behind that station. They have two little girls - I am sure they do this. Maybe I'll go with them sometime.

Fireblossom -

Somehow that doesn't ring true for all redheads. :)

Granny Annie -

I do love to read to children. I even wrote a paper about that for a journalism class in 2003 - how family reading time is so important, even when they are older.

desk49 said...

A story told and ice cream galore
At Fire Station number 19
A drive of delight through old neighborhoods
Around Fire Station number 19
I can see now, that red hair child
As she looked up and smiled at me
Nowhere by Fire Station number 19

I hope you don’t mind me recapping your stories
in poem. You tie the three in so will. Making them
a delight to read.

I was reading your reply to the reply and got to LOL.
The only thing we got read to us with the riot act.

TALON said...

You don't see braids so much on little girls. And they're so charming! And on redheads even more so.

I now have visions of big strong men (and women) reading children's stories in falsetto voices :)

LL Cool Joe said...

I assume the fire fighters stop telling the story when they get called out on duty? :D

Meredith said...

Aw, firemen telling children's tales! The picture that conjures in my head is priceless.

I always wanted red hair, like my mom. It can be extraordinarily pretty, and I'm glad you told that little girl so. :)

Lynn said...

Ellis -

I am so glad you like my posts - hearing they are a delight to read is all I'm looking for. Thank you and I LOVE your recap poems.

The riot act, huh? :)

Talon -

She was adorable. And I like that imagery. :)

Joe -

Let's hope! :)

Meredith -

Your hair looks as if it has a red cast in your photo. My hair used to be black / brown (it looked black in photos) and when the gray started appearing when I was not ready (we tend to prematurely gray in my family)- I started having my hairdresser do an aubern rinse. It has migrated back to the brown side lately though.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Never heard of story hour at a firestation before! Do they cancel if a call comes in? Let's hope the story doesn't end with "Then the house burnt to the ground!"

Work sure gets you to alot of interesting spots- n getting to eat out too- (I bring peanut butter sandwiches n sit in the parking lot)
Gotta love pretty little girls who finally warm up to friendliness.

Lynn said...

Snaggle -

I'm thinking they would go on the call if it came in. :)

I like to build the self-esteem of kids up as much as possible. That's what that was about and it was true.