Friday, June 25, 2010

Profusion, background music and neighborly

- This tree in front of my condominium building that shed tiny yellow blossoms all over neighbor Marion's car all spring and then exploded with a happy profusion of off-white heart shaped pods. I like to look at it, but have no idea what it is.

- Marion is another great source for background music, with his nocturnal piano playing. He worries sometimes that he disturbs everyone, but I only hear it as I walk from my car to my door. Play away, my friend.

- He and neighbor Bonnie stick their heads out of her door one hot afternoon this week and ask if I have a key to Marion's condo. No, I say, but Rhonda does. He locked himself out and Rhonda doesn't get home until 8pm or so. Bonnie came home after work to find Marion propped up against his front door reading the newspaper in 95 degree heat. She took him in, gave him a cold drink and put his name in the pot for dinner. A wonderful neighborly gesture and the least she can do for one who provides neighborhood background music.

Happy weekend friends - I hope it is filled with music, love and laughter!


Jannie Funster said...

Very lovely tree and lush looking condo area.

Maybe Leisa has a key? Ah, don't mind me -- my brain is still a bit foggy this morning on your myriad cast of wonderful characters. :)

Have a great day, Sweet Lynn!


Lynn said...

Jannie -

Only Rhonda has a key - he probably should get one to someone else if this keeps happening. :)

Leisa is my good friend who does not live in my condos - she and her husband live a few miles away.

You have a great day, too!


TALON said...

I'm glad that Marion didn't have to stay out too much longer in that intense heat! Aren't good neighbors worth their weight in gold? Seems to be a flurry of accidental lock-outs lately!

That tree sounds lovely, but I have no idea what type it is.

Have a beautiful weekend, Lynn!

desk49 said...

No poem today, my bottoms sagging
I worked hard, and I'm a dragging

As he played, the blossoms fell
On the cars and window sills
White pods of hearts it did show
Beneath the yellow blossoms snow
So food and drink was his pay
For locking himself out that day
It was the neighborly thing to do
For all the music, he gave to you.

That was kind of her. A plink for a drink.

Meredith said...

I'm so glad your neighbors are so friendly and helpful, so that he didn't have to wait long outside in this heat. It's rough out there! And you want to keep him in peak condition so he can keep up the background music for your life, which sounds lovely. :)

Happy weekend, Lynn!

Riot Kitty said...

A tree with heart-shaped buds! That is fantastic. Good ideas for a peaceful weekend.

Lynn said...

Talon -

Had it been me that encountered him, I would have invited him in, but had to leave him because I was leaving my house for a while. He could have felt free to decorate - he is a retired interior designer.

Ellis -

I like the image of blossoms falling as he is playing. A lovely thought. :)

Meredith -

We are fairly good friends on our side of the building and an eclectic bunch, for sure. It is rough outside. I hope you are getting your needed rest this week, my friend.

Riot Kitty -

I was counting on Meredith to tell me what it was! :) Surely someone will know. Have a great weekend!

Maude Lynn said...

Sounds like a friendly bunch of neighbors!

Lynn said...

Mama Zen -

We try to look out for each other. I've lived there since I was divorced and have seen quite a bit of coming and going. My next door neighbor is a young man just out of college and that was his grandmother's place before she died. Lots of continuity like that.

Blue Bunny said...

i lieks the harts hanging in teh luvly tree - i sees them loud and kleer wit my eyes.


Ileana said...

I wish I lived in a neighborhood where someone like Marion played piano music for me. I'd leave my windows open even in this Florida heat!

Happy Weekend to YOU (and Marion!)!! :)

Lynn said...

Blue Bunny -

Sounds like all those karrits are paying off!


Ily -

I love hearing his music. It sounds as if you live in a great place, too. Just warm much of the time - not a bad thing.

Snaggle Tooth said...

I've seen shrubs with similar leaves- I tried to look up the leaves here:
see if you can find it there-

Marion must be pretty good if you don't mind the music- Tough to get locked out in that heat!
I suggest hiding a key outside for the next time...

Snaggle Tooth said...

Lynn said...

Snaggle -

That might be a good idea. He also leaves his key in the door a lot as he is going in. I've knocked on his door a few times to tell him that. He is good about watching out for us, too - he knocked one night to tell me the dome light was on in my car. My battery might have been dead in the morning.

Thanks for the link! I'll look at it when I'm not so groggy. I did try to google tree with heart shaped pod, but didn't come up with anything that looked like that. Neighbor Bonnie is a horticulturist and probably knows.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I had the key. Sorry about that. I was using it over at my blog to get out of that room with the doors that want to kill me. I promise to return it soon... :(

Jewel Allen said...

Love your neighbors already. Nocturnal piano playing...what a treat.

Have a great weekend, too, Lynn!

Lynn said...

Tony -

Ahhh - the plot thickens! :)

Jewel -

It's always lovely. And I got the book yesterday that I won from your giveaway. I had forgotten about it and it was a treat to get an unexpected parcel! Thank you again.

sage said...

A nice neighborly invite. Stay cool!

Lynn said...

Sage -

I'm doing just that today. Thanks for stopping by again!

... Paige said...

these days our neighborhood background music is mostly the squeaking calls of Cardinals, the shh, shhing of water sprinklers and a thumping drum somewhere.

I see you at some of the blogs I visit and thought I would drop by and say hi...

Hi :-)

Lynn said...

Paige -

Hiya! I'm glad you stopped by. I love the sounds of summer, don't you? And I have a Cardinal family about, too. I love to hear them.

I like your blog and will be back.

Anonymous said...
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