Monday, June 28, 2010

Moving with the sun, glistening and good recipe

- Sophie starts out with a kitchen floor full of sun around 10am and moves with the sunshine toward the window until it moves out around lunchtime. A rare morning at home for me. I admire how she can sleep so deeply.

- A late afternoon thunderstorm that leaves plants glistening when it is over.

- Making Miso-orange marmalade salmon. For two pieces of salmon, mix together 1/4 cup of Miso, 1/4 cup of orange marmalade (preferably English) and 1/8 cup of lemon juice. Slather it on the salmon fillets and pop them in the oven (or toaster oven) to broil 10-12 minutes, or until you see a little char. So good!


desk49 said...
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desk49 said...

The cat does moves with the sun
across the kitchen floor
Time off is rare still you got to watch
her sleep away the morn
As thunderstorm washed the leaves
to glisten in an evening sun
while Salmon lay in orange marmalade
with Miso and lemon too
into a toaster oven for 12 minutes
and you'll have a fist for two

I even the cat
the rain we gat
in the hunger sat

Anonymous said...

Good heavens, Lynn, that recipe sounds divine! I'm going to have to plead with my lovely wife to try making it like the lazy wretch I am! :P

Cats always have this knack for finding the warmest place during winter and the coolest place during summer, don't you find? It's uncanny! :)

TALON said...

Sophie looks so content there on her moving sun blanket :)

I wonder if the salmon would taste as good with lemon marmalade? I can't stand orange marmalade, but I love Robertson's lemon marmalade.

Jannie Funster said...

That salmon does sound yummy! Once upon a once I made chicken with onion soup mixed with apricot jam. I think I'm due for a batch!

Sweet Sophie. Is she 100% an indoor cat?


Blue Bunny said...


except for the kommint wot was deleeted by the authir. was that a spams?

wel, i must go maek kofffee for my jannie, and her brekfist. maeking she meals is part of my bloging kontract.

pleze give sofie hugs from me. thanks yoo.

blue bunny


Maude Lynn said...

I love watching my dog find the patch of sunshine!

Lynn said...

Ellis -

Wow - TWO poems today! I loved watching my kitty sleep away the morn...

Tony -

I was feeling a bit brain-fogged this morning and decided to share a recipe. The good things were not erupting out of my fingers as usual. :) If she makes it, tell me how you like it. It is SO good and easy.

Yes - except in her case she likes the warmth of the sun in the summer - I must have the air conditioning up too high. :)

Talon -

I'll bet it would be just as good - especially since lemon is so often squeezed for fish. Let me know if you do that - I'll be interested to hear. It's funny - I like sweeter orange marmalade, but the gourmetish kind seems a little tart to me.

Jannie -

That sounds good. I might have to try that.

Sophie is a 100% indoor cat - she loves her sleeping time.


Blue Bunny -

I will give her a hug for you. I think that first comment was deleted by the person who wrote it. I like your sailor hat!


Mama Zen -

The sun must feel good to them.

Ileana said...

I love orange marmalade! I always tell the family if I adopt an orange kitty I'm naming her/him Marmalade. :)

Speaking of kitties, I am SO jealous of Sophie. I'd love to spend my mornings following the sun around like that.

PS - Thanks for that simple and yummy-sounding recipe! I'll have to try it.

Meredith said...

That sounds so delicious I'll have to try it, Lynn. I'm always looking for new ways to cook salmon, as it's the only fish F. eats with enthusiasm, and we need to be eating fish regularly for optimum health, so I end up making it at least once a week. Our favorite way so far is with capers, a sprinkle of lemon juice, and slivers of red onion. So good! :D

sage said...

some days I wish I could be a cat, or my dog, and spend the hours sleeping in the sun... I had a cat when I lived in a house with radiator heat--the cat loved sitting on the radiators

Riot Kitty said...

Sweet photo! Lucky and Earl Grey would love that recipe ;)

Louvregirl said...

Beautiful photo of your cat Lynn! Also~~ I really like that wallpaper in the shot; did you choose it?

LL Cool Joe said...

Sophie looks like she's in cat heaven! It always amazes me the way cats sleep so soundly but jump up and check something out especially if it involves food!

Lynn said...

Ily -

That is one of my "go to" recipes for something quick and delicious.

Marmalade would be a great name for a cat. Sophie was named after my neighbor's deaf cat and ironically, she is now deaf. It happens to older cats, I think.

Yes - what a great life my cat has. :)

Meredith -

I'll try your recipe for salmon next time. I do love it.

Sage -

I had to buy a cabinet to put my computer in so my cat couldn't sleep on top of it. She loved the warmth, too. :)

Riot Kitty -

I'll bet they would!

lg -

Yes - I chose the wallpaper - it is a Waverly pattern, but I don't remember the name of it. Probably something orchard. :) Thank you - I like it, too.

Joe -

Since she has lost her hearing, it is easy to sneak up on her to take her picture. I wish I could sleep that soundly.

G. B. Miller said...

Cats are intriguing, and as their pets, we should follow their example...:D

Snaggle Tooth said...

Sophie is lucky to have a comfy sunny day project to pay attention to there-
Most of the storms have missed my area, except a few very quick showers. I like standing in the fresh air at the open door during t-storms-
yikes, I have to look up Miso- don't know what it is!
Mishief is a salmon eater-

Lynn said...

G -

Oh - I am SO her pet. Yes - the napping a lot - a great plan. :)

Snaggle -

I like standing in the door watching it rain, too. Lovely.

Miso is fermented soybean paste - doesn't that sound lovely? :) It is used in Japan (and a few people in the US) to put into soup for its healthy digestive qualities and it gives a nice flavor to the soup. I buy it at the natural foods market.

Jannie Funster said...

Ah, an indoor kitty. Ours is indoor / outdoor. And I bet he would LOVE Sophie!!


Blue Bunny said...

oh i sees. i was always wunder wot authir deleeting meens, now i knows.


oh yess, my hat -- i got it at a yard sail.

Lynn said...

Blue Bunny -

Very fetching! ox