Monday, June 21, 2010

Languishing no more, memories and sweet

- After twelve years of languishing in a drawer, these platters I got in Cancun, Mexico in 1998 are finally hanging. Friend Leisa came over and "helped" me with it (meaning she pretty much did it.) I am lucky to have such a good friend.

- Taking my mother out to lunch at she and my dad's favorite restaurant on Saturday. She and I talk about what food he would have ordered and smile.

- Bringing their wedding picture from the house for mom's new apartment. When it is in place, we stand at look at and I say that I like to see it there. She says she likes the girl that brought it to her.


LL Cool Joe said...

Your friend did a good job.

Yes it's both sad and nice imagining what someone who is no longer with us, would say or do or eat. It's those small things that bring back such good memories.

Meredith said...

Your mom's last comment is so sweet and charming. She sounds wonderful. :) I'm glad you got to spend the day with her, Lynn, even though it must have been tough. I did think of you yesterday... and wondered how it was going.

Those platters are lovely -- and the rack they're hanging on is pretty, too. How neat that they reflect light onto the ceiling above!

TALON said...

Leisa did a great job :)

Awww, your Mom is such a sweetie, Lynn!

Granny Annie said...

Precious day.

Riot Kitty said...

Those are beautiful - our apt. is full of Mexican art. I love it.

I think your dad was there with you for sure :)

desk49 said...

Some old platters now
new upon the wall
from down south they came

Took mother to lunched
at their old spot and
memories flowed like rain

wedding pictures were just right
and the one that brought them
her mother named her Lynn

That was sweet of you and your mother.

Lynn said...

Joe -

She did. I would like to be as handy as she is.

Thanks Joe - they are wonderful memories, too. I imagined dad watching us and smiling.

Meredith -

She is a wonderful lady with a wicked sense of humor still. We were sitting right next to the emergency exit and our car was right there, so I asked our waitress if we could leave by that door. She said we wouldn't be able to because an alarm would go off. When she walked away, mom's eyes twinkled and she said, "Why don't we do it anyway!" :)

I was a little sad - I think with this day and his birthday on June 12 behind us, we'll be able to get through future holidays and milestones. Thank you for thinking of me and I hope you had a wonderful visit with your family. I thought of you, too.

Oh - and the platter rack came from No Mas! I'm sure you have been there.

Talon -

She is a sweetie!

Granny Annie -

A precious day indeed.

Riot Kitty -

I think he was, too.

Don't you love Mexican art? I adore those platters. I won an "excellent performance" trip with my company and the reward was a trip with other BellSouth employees. They actually gave us the platters.

Ellis -

Another great summing up poem! I quite enjoy these - having no poetic skills myself. :)

My mother named me after her friend Carlynn and also Lynn was a popular name at the time.

Ileana said...

Your mom sounds so sweet...not to mention the friend who helps you hang plates. It's no surprise...sweetness attracts sweet (and I love those plates!!). :)

Louvregirl said...

Beautiful platters Lynn~ are they metal?? Nicely done!

Lynn said...

Ily -

Thank you, my friend. That is a sweet thing to say. :)

lg -

They are silver. I always hear them referred to as Mexican silver - whatever that means. They don't tarnish, so that is something I should probably look up. :)

Snaggle Tooth said...

Nice plate holders- Glad the pretty platters made it out with a little help from from your friend- I've got tons hidden away in here. Mexican Silver does sound suspiscious- (Stainless steel? Pewter? Aluminium?)
It's great to have good memories to share with folks you love, Father's Day can be so tough sometimes.
It's great you have the opportunity to spend time with Mom n do such nice things for her. So many folks don't get along with their parents- your devotion, patience, n attitude is commendable!

Lynn said...

Snaggle -

Thank you - they took care of me for a long time, so it's my turn to take care of mom now.

Heck they are still taking care of me - I went by their unsold house yesterday and got a nasty bug bite (probably a fire ant) as I was going in the door. I knew there would be antibiotic cream there in the first aid kit and there was.

Blue Bunny said...

i mite go to mexico with linnda someday.

yes, yor mom is a very sweetie. and so iz yoo.


Lynn said...

Thanks Blue Bunny! And you and linnda will love Mexico. I think you would look pretty cute in a sombrero!