Thursday, June 24, 2010

Her Majesty, so good and free concert

- Tickled pink with my newly framed magazine advertisement, c. 1931, for a 1847 Rogers Bros. silverware pattern called "Her Majesty" - now hanging in my kitchen. This was my grandmother's silverware and I inherited it. No one knew what the pattern was, so I identified it by scrolling through countless photos of Rogers Bros. silver online. It still amazes me that my no-nonsense grandma would have chosen a silver pattern called "Her Majesty."

- Hankook Taqueria again. This time a Korean Cuban sandwich: Korean bacon, Black Forest ham, deli mustard, cucumber kimchee. SO good! I tell Tomas Lee, the chef/owner, that I enjoy his posts on facebook that totally lured me there this day.

- Standing in a building waiting for a meeting to begin and enjoying the chamber music playing softly in the background. Turns out it is live musicians rehearsing for a concert later.


Anonymous said...

Your days are packed with framed art, fine food and music that isn't piped! It's all decked out for you isn't it, Lynn? What's your secret? :P

Lynn said...

Tony -

Just always looking out for good things that give me pleasure. :)

I was so excited when I found the advertisement for sale on ebay and then totally procrastinated getting it framed. Finally this week.

TALON said...

The advertisement looks wonderful framed and hung up! Lovely! It's the little things - like unexpected mini-concerts - that make a day fine, isn't it?

Riot Kitty said...

That is an awesome picture. I love the old ads and have a couple of reproductions framed, too.

LL Cool Joe said...

Love the old advert. I collect old music newspapers from the 50's and early 60's and I really get a great deal of pleasure just looking at them on my walls.

desk49 said...

Her Majesty does seem to fit your no-nonsense grandmothers still.
Who would give nonsense to Her Majesty?

Sorry I started LOL at the thought of the North Korean leader when I read the name of the cheese.

Beethoven and Bock
in the background
my dear
it was not muse-zack
but live for
your ears

Ileana said...

Love the sound of live outdoor music from a distance. There's something romantic about that.

PS - I want to try that Korean Cuban sandwich!! Sounds yummy!!

Lynn said...

Talon -

That advertisement has been riding around in the trunk of my car for months. I thrilled with the way it turned out.

Riot Kitty -

The artist for the ad was a man named Dynevor Rhys, who did that art deco type art for ads back in the day. I love it. :)

Joe -

I can't stop looking at it. I just fed my cat and perched on the kitchen stool to gaze at it while she ate.

Ellis -

Now that you say it - the no-nonsense thing does kind of fit Her Majesty. Love the rest of the poem. :)

Ily -

The one thing that kept the sandwich from being authentically Cuban was that it was not pressed. But OMG - was it delicious.

Snaggle Tooth said...

I have my Parents Silver service, n never even looked it up- good idea! Like how framed n hung the company Info.
Sounds like facebook is great for the chefs business- The diversity of meals you find is inspring.
Chamner music is always 4-part interesting n unique. My Older Daughter played in a symphany several years on woodwinds- n sometimes i like the resordings of it I have on CD just to remember the feelings it evokes.

We get involuntary music heard from the bandshell here several times per week- usually oldies, rock, n blues lately.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Wow, I outdid myself in typos today!
Sure I missed some pronouns n articles in there too- sorry

Lynn said...

Snaggle -

I have mixed feelings about facebook - some people on there tend to over-share. (example: a friend posts a update at least once an hour on what she is doing. Filing, about to pump gas, etc. TMI.) I generally just wish happy birthdays and hit the "like" button.

That's neat that you can hear the concerts at the bandshell. I love it when music wafts by...

No worries on the typos, my friend. I do it all the time, too, and I knew exactly what you meant.

Jannie Funster said...

That is a GORGEOUS print, Lynn!! I'd be tickled pink too, and all rainbow of shades and hues available.

And the music must've been transporting. I can hear it now. They are playing strangers in the night.

Again, have a super great day!!


Lynn said...

Jannie -

They were playing some posh chamber music. It was lovely.


Meredith said...

What a lovely vintage ad! I think it's so clever of you to make the tie-in with your own inheritance, Lynn. It will be a wonderful conversational note in your kitchen for many years to come. :)

That Taqueria sounds like a must-try next time we get to the ATL.

Ah, chamber music. I miss the days when my sis lived with me and the woodwind quintet and her oboe trio preferred to rehearse at our house. (I like to think my cooking skills helped to nudge them our way.) With the great 1920's acoustics there -- wood floors, plaster walls -- the music echoed all through the place, and I would imagine I was back in some manor house in the 1800s in Europe, maybe attending a little soiree in my corsetted party dress and jeweled slippers. ;)

Lynn said...

Meredith -

Thank you - I am so glad that vintage print hanging kind of fell into place. I miss my little grandmother - she was 4'9". A tiny lady. And this makes me think of her.

You make me smile with your imagination. I'll bet that was just wonderful to hear the music in your home. I believe this might have been the Enso Quartet rehearsing. They are playing this weekend at the Madison-Morgan Cultural Center and that is where I heard the music.