Friday, October 22, 2010

Blooming, welcome to the world and Zen-like

- These flowers blooming in front of The Salvation Army's Southeastern Territory Headquarters. We are having a run of beautiful weather here and these vibrant beauties caught my eye on the way through the parking lot.

- Watching the local news and a report of a baby being born in a car during morning rush hour in Atlanta, right in the area known here as "the connector." And realizing that was the car with so many emergency vehicles around it that I had passed on my way in that morning. The mom gave birth to a lovely baby girl before help arrived. Baby Olivia gave a big yawn for the camera and will have an exciting tale to tell someday.

- Having put off going to the dentist way too long, I am a bit nervous about it now. Friend Kim recommends that I take my time getting there and arrive at their office in a Zen-like state. She says, "I just get into this faraway place - like everything is being done to me from a great great distance and I can observe it, but it doesn't affect me at all." Thanks Zen-master Kim!

I hope that you have a vibrant weekend, friends!


Fireblossom said...

Ugh, the dentist. I'd rather have my teeth drilled.

Oh wait...that's what they...

Okay, never mind!

sage said...

Just ask for the gas, that produces a nice Zen-like state! :) Interesting story of the baby born on the freeway

Louvregirl said...

Good luck at the dentist Lynn. Enjoy your weekend dear one :)

TALON said...

The flowers are lovely!

Olivia is a lovely name. Definitely in puts a new spin on the term "rush hour" - I can imagine what Mom was going through!

Poor dentists - I don't know anyone who looks forward to seeing them! lol!

Have a lovely weekend, Lynn!

desk49 said...

Lovely flowers my wife had some like them and they wanted to take over the side of the house.

Will it is a good thing the mother was not still driving, texting, and having a baby all at the same time. I've heard it all now. Will not all but more of it.

Yes Master Kim teach me many things. Brush teeth left to right. Comb hair from front to back. Yes next Master Kim said she teach me how to swallow after each bite.

Bad Bad Bad desk49 R.O.T.F.L.M.*.O.

LL Cool Joe said...

I've conquered my fear of the dentist, but I can't with the doctor. I think it's because the dentist is unlikely to say you are dying, but your doctor can.

And after that cheery comment I'll wish you a happy weekend!

Jannie Funster said...

I'd be embarassed to say how long since I've been to the dentist. But I do brush and floss 2x daily in a most Zen-like trance, and my teeth are holding their own.

Yes, lovely... lilies, I think?


Blue Bunny said...

i was borned in the baskit of a bicycle! thats wot my jannie herd, ennyway.


Paul C said...

I like the splendour that cannas can bring. They take their time to take center stage.

Riot Kitty said...

Beautiful flowers!

Plan on an iced mocha after the dentist. That's how I get through.

Jen said...

Go to your happy place. You'll be fine.

Maude Lynn said...

Or, try a Xanax before going to the dentist!

Kim said...

Mmmmmmm, dentists....

**runs screaming from the room**
have a great weekend, love the flowers!

Snaggle Tooth said...

ooo you got more blossoms there? Ours are counting down to deep frost time, with Marigolds still hanging tough...
Cool to find out it was a happy event you'd passed earlier!
When I have to get my sensitive teeth worked on I do a slow breathing- relaxation/meditation thing to slow my heart rate (Breathe in count to 7, then out to 5)

Anil P said...

Baby Olivia will someday be a young woman on the 'move'.

And to think there're so many leaves holding the flowers up. Lovely sight.

Lynn said...

FB -

Confession - I hadn't been to the dentist in three years. I deserve to have cavities, but don't. Yay - I practiced my Zen-like state and it worked. I do have go back for an hour long cleaning. Oh my. No more procrastinating that.

Sage -

I had that gas once when I had a root canal. I need that for my house. :)

lg -

Thank you - it has been a good one.

Talon -

Isn't that an exciting way that Olivia came into the world? It's been lovely. :)

Ellis -

I like how you cleaned up the ROTF thing. :)

Yes - I've heard more of it now, too. :)

Joe -

Shaking my head over that one. Cheery bye! :)

Jannie -

Oh good - it's not just me with the dentist. Cannas, I think (thanks to Paul for that).


Blue Bunny -



Lynn said...

Paul C -

That is lovely observation - they take their time. And thanks for confirming they are cannas. And welcome!

Riot Kitty -

An iced mocha award - I like that idea. :)

Jen -

And so I did. And welcome!

Mama Zen -

Yeah - they don't hand that out easily when you go to an HMO. :)

Kim -

As my friend Desk49 says, "R.O.T.F.L.M.*.O." lol - you crack me up!

Snaggle -

Apparently these guys are late bloomers. And yes - I was glad it was a happy event, too. The mother ended up giving birth by herself on the back seat while the father frantically called for help.

Anil P -

I think she might be a special baby. And it is good to see you.