Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mr C's, upcoming nuptials and pretty fingers

- There didn't seem to be any lines forming. This sign only stayed up briefly - Frank must have arrived to see it. :)

- A soon-to-be bride shares a few of her wedding plans and shows a photo of herself on her iPhone wearing her newly purchased wedding gown.

- Receiving an email with the subject: Your mom got her nails done. A photo from my mother's assisted living facility shows her proudly displaying newly painted nails. This is new, but I like it.


desk49 said...
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Fireblossom said...

How neat! I bet she was so excited. I love weddings, and wedding dresses, and the whole shmeer. I'll go to ANYone's wedding, lol.

Lance said...

Ha!! The sign at Mr. C's...he's quite the funny guy!!

Riot Kitty said...

That is a creepy sign! Love the e-mail about your mom's manicure.

TALON said...

All I can think reading the sign is that I hope this isn't the same guy that makes the meat loaf - lol!

I'd rather be surprised on the day - that's my favorite part of weddings...seeing the bride come down the aisle and then looking to see the expression on the groom's face :)

Sounds like your Mom is getting awesome care, Lynn!

desk49 said...

Yes the sign went
The hands stayed
For who knows what
Who might view

A Bride shows
Of her wedding
to be, was on
the phone to see

painted something old
turned it into bold
now your mother is
a sight to behold

Louvregirl said...

I like that about your Mom Lynn! Sweet. What color I wonder?
Have a good day; mine started rough but it can only go UP!

Jewel Allen said...

That sign made me crack up.

How sweet to get the nail updates about your mom.

Lynn said...

FB -

She was standing on one of those pedestal things and her mom took the photo. I always enjoy hearing wedding plans - I always seem to have a niece planning a wedding.

Lance -

I know - I thought so, too. :)

Riot Kitty -

Yes - not sure what inspired that message - it didn't stay up long. I'm thinking Frank arrived and put the kibosh on it.

I pleased mom is going to this particular "activity." One of the workers there just paints everyone's nails - she doesn't really do a manicure.

Talon -

I think there might be some employee change-up at Mr C's - no more signs about meatloaf and they don't seem to be whimsical in general anymore.

She is getting pretty awesome care. They were having a wine and cheese activity last Friday - I told her I would totally go to that. :)

Ellis -

Thank you for my poem! My mother is a sight to behold!

lg -

She chose a light pink. I like that dark red that looks almost black - she thinks it is hideous. It's funny how different we are, yet we get on so well together.

I'm sorry your day got off to a bad start - I hope it gets better!

Jewel -

That place is great for communicating.

Sparkling Red said...

I love bizarre signs! I notice it did not refer to the examiner as "Dr. Frank". That certainly raises a red flag.

sage said...

Don't think I'll stop in! lol

LL Cool Joe said...

I saw Kylie! Thanks Lynn. That made my day a little brighter!

Meredith said...

I think I see common ground between you & your mom's choice of nail color. Both pale pink ("natural") & that deep red you describe are classic, go-with-anything choices. :)

Hope you're doing well, Lynn. (And if not, for goodness' sake, don't get a checkup at Mr. C's!)

Snaggle Tooth said...

I wonder if Frank examines the meatloaf... I see I think like Talon!
Great use of a phone cam! I still don't have one- but some folks at work show their babies n sons in the army!
Lucky Mom is both keeping busy n keeping you updated!
I can't do my nails due to allergy to the acrylic fumes-

Lynn said...

Sparkling Red -

I wonder if it could be that Frank is a retired medical professional? Who knows? I like bizarre signs, too. :)

Sage -

I hear the serve a mean meatloaf. :)

Joe -

I'm so glad! I remembered you love Kylie and I'm glad it brightened your day.

Meredith -

That is a good point about the color. I don't paint my fingernails usually - I should have said that. I love getting a pedicure though and always pick a dark color.

It's good to see you, my friend, and I hope you are doing well.

Snaggle -

That iPhone is so much money and I can't think I would have the time to fiddle with applications. But it sure seems popular. :)

Jannie Funster said...

Ah, loved the last one. The joy and blessing of this Internet. As to the the bride's dress photo too.

And laughed out loud here at the library, at the message on the sign, embarassing Kelly for being so loud. :)

And I had no idea FB was such a wedding buff, how lovely!


Wendy said...

Frank - ha ha!

I love that you got a photo of your mom with her newly manicured fingernails. That's great.

Lynn said...

Wendy -

I saw them in person on Saturday - they are frosted pink. Kind of a departure for her, but they looked good!