Monday, October 18, 2010

Fàilte, contagious and winner

- A scene from the 38th annual Stone Mountain Highland Games. This was a dramatic part of the opening ceremonies on Saturday, in which massed pipe and drum bands marched onto the field. A sound that never fails to thrill my soul and the games way of saying fàilte (welcome.)

- Gathering in my clan's tent to celebrate our Scottish heritage, it is lovely to see old once-a-year friends and to welcome new ones. This year a young man was excited to be invited to walk with us on Sunday for the clan march onto the field. His excitement was contagious - he loves all things Scottish and tells us he has "Kilt Day" every Sunday afternoon at his house; everyone who comes over must be kilted.

- Later arriving home at the same time as my neighbor and her bagpipe playing teenage son, all decked out in his kilt for the games. He fingers a medal pinned to his vest and his mom tells me that he won first place in the Piobaireachd competition (pronounced peabrook - it is a classical form of piping, featuring long, melancholy tunes.) All the more impressive because he is blind and autistic.


Fireblossom said...

Amazing. I'm smiling away here!

LL Cool Joe said...

Aww bless the lad who is blind and autistic. What a wonderful achievement.

Sounds like a good weekend Lynn. :)

Lance said...

What a fun picture - and the whole event sounds like really a great time!!

The kilt tradition sounds pretty awesome!!

sage said...

I've been to the highland games at Grandfather Mt... have always thought I'd like a kilt--the Mackenzie Clan--but have never seen my way to lay down that much $ on a dress :)

desk49 said...

I be a wee off on this one lass
Fir no bagpiping I do
I be off on the Mountain Highland games
But it sounded fun for you

The clan tent did roar
With the young old and new
And in with all the kilts
It seems was you

Now the neighbor kid next door
First place was pin to his vest
Because he played the piobaireachd
On the bagpipes the very best

TALON said...

I love hearing pipe always stirs me.

How neat is that for your neighbor's son? He sounds like an amazing young man.

Maude Lynn said...

This sounds like a blast!

Louvregirl said...

Lynn~ Sounds like a truly great experience! I'm so glad that you get to do this annually; was it in N.C. or Georgia? The description of the blind/autistic young man; wow. I love meeting people and discovering their stories like this one!
Way cool.

Ileana said...

Wow, congrats to your neighbor's teenage son! He sounds inspirational and highly talented.

Kilt Day Sunday sounds like fun. I have a couple of Scottish friends who'd enjoy something like that.

Lynn said...

FB -

Thank you and happy Monday!

Joe -

It was a good weekend. Very busy! The lad was so funny - he asked me if I had a cup of coffee at the games. Indeed I did. My blood is half caffeine at this point. :)

Lance -

All the men in our tent were kilted - I just wear a tartan scarf over an all-black outfit, but am thinking of getting myself a tartan skirt.

Sage -

I always think men look extra manly in a kilt. :) I haven't made it to the Grandfather games, but would like to.

Ellis -

A great wrap up! Thank you for my poem. :)

Talon -

He is and his mother marches with him when he performs with a massed band, such as the one at the opening ceremonies. She has her hand on his shoulder and steers him. She looked exhausted last night, but in a good way.

Mama Zen -

I thought it was!

lg -

I love people and their stories, too. It was the games at Stone Mountain, Georgia. Near my house - so convenient.

Ily -

This guy had three of his friends with him and they were all wearing utilikilts - very cool looking.

Sara said...

Wow...I was tripping along enjoying the highland festivals and then got to the ending. How wonderful is that...I would have enjoyed hearing him play:~)

Jannie Funster said...

Pipe and drum lover to pipe and drum lover, it thrills my soul too.

We have Sunday kilt day at our house, but I'm the only one who dresses up. And BB of course! :) Reminds me that a header of him in his Scots regalia would make a fine header some time!


Riot Kitty said...

I'd totally do kilt day at work...yeah, like my boss would go for that!

Snaggle Tooth said...

Wow what a sight, even in pics without hearing it I can imagine. Sounds like a blast.
It's good to be proud of your kilt, n make excuses to wear it!
I've heard many autistic folks turn out to be prodigies in specific skills such as music- I hope many more medals are in his future!

Lynn said...

Sara -

I would have loved to hear him play, too. His mother was just beaming with pride. That family has a huge challenge with him - she and his father are divorced, but share caregiving amicably. They took him to Scotland last year because he wanted to go.

Jannie -

I will watch for BB in a kilt. :)


Riot Kitty -

The men in our tent love wearing their kilts. It was in the 40s both mornings this weekend and I wondered if their legs were cold.

Lynn said...

Snaggle -

You sneaked in while I was answering the other comments. Is it bedtime for you?

Yes - he must be just a natural or a prodigy at music.