Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Moby on the lake, sharing and fallen

Photo by ALM

- My sister and brother-in-law's dog Moby, keeping vigilant watch on swampy Lake Miccosukee in Jefferson County, Florida. My niece and brother-in-law took him on this boat ride at one of her favorite places in the world. Her other favorite body of water is the nearby Wacissa River, a spring-fed river. A company wants to start pumping water out of it to bottle and sell for drinking water. I am proud of my niece for her responsible activism for the opposition.

- A wee girl walking with her mother in the early morning darkness. The mother has shed her jacket and given it to her daughter, the sleeves so long on her that they drag the sidewalk.

- Sweeping all the fallen maple leaves off my back porch makes me recognize it really is no longer summer. So the blue and white striped throw rug is rolled up and stored away until it is warm again.


Fireblossom said...

Three cheers for your niece! And for Moby, too!

Jannie Funster said...

I wish someone would tell Austin, TX it's no longer summer. Getting another big hurrah of heat this week. But it could dip to the 50s overnight and stay there, so I keep an eye on weather updates, else I'll be the one walking in the cold while my daughter is all cozy in my sweater with the sleeves hanging low.


desk49 said...

Not sure is your sister fighting the river take over?
The girl was chilly and so must be the trees
shaking their leaves onto the porch.
And the rug sleeps for another winner.

Granny Annie said...

We have never taken our dog Slim for a boat ride. I believe she would be as vigilant as Moby if the trip ever came up.

I can remember walking in my dad's jacket with the sleeves trailing beside me.

Every fallen leaf on our 10 acres finds it's way this time of year to our den door. It is like an avalanche every time the door opens.

Louvregirl said...

Hummm....After living in Florida (for quite awhile) I do not miss the alligators that live in fresh water. That dog looks so happy; in his element.

TALON said...

Love love love Moby's intensity!

Packing up summer is always a bit of shock, isn't it? It will be nice to roll out the carpet to welcome her in just...well...I'm not gonna count the months! :)

Lynn said...

FB -

I had to change my post a little after you, Jannie and Ellis read it. I emailed Amanda to make sure that was taken on the river. Nope - the lake. So I adjusted. Shouldn't have assumed. Still cool though. :)

Jannie -

Yeah - it's back warmish again here, too.

Ellis -

Love the poem. :) Not my sister - my niece. She is taking around petitions and such against the Nestle company, so they won't be able to pump water from the river. It will threaten the ecology of the area. That did turn out to be a rather convoluted first thing.

Grannie Annie -

I first spotted this photo on facebook - all of my niece's friends were asking how in the world Moby stayed in the boat. He's that lively.

We are getting out share of leaves, too, but not an avalanche yet!

lg -

My sister was driving up the road toward their house a few weeks ago and an alligator crossed the road in front of her car. That's why the cat stays in all the time now.

Talon -

I love his intensity, too. :)

We had such a hot summer down here that I can't say I'm looking forward to it again just yet.

Lynn said...

Mama Zen -

Thanks MZ!

Kim said...

Agreed, what a beautiful pic of a beautiful pup! Props to your niece for taking on the big corporations, more people should be like her!

Lance said...

I just love this picture! It takes me right back to our summer vacation this year - and to canoeing with my daughter...out amongst the lilly pads... (no dog with us, though...) And he sure looks like he's lovin' it!

Snaggle Tooth said...

Wow! I can't believe that's the same puppy! Great pic!
Good for Sis taking a stand!
I can see those monkey sleeves scuffing along... More little cuteness for you-
I hate packing up my deck for winter- I won't clear leaves until they're all down. Gutter n drain time too!

Lynn said...

Kim -

I agree. My first clue was her facebook photo changing to the word Nestle with a circle and slash through it.

Lance -

Moby is my brother-in-law's shadow and I'm sure he loved being in the boat with he and my niece. I'm surprised he didn't jump into the water.

Isn't that lake beautiful? It is called a prairie lake - not sure what that means though.

Snaggle -

You might be mixing him up with my another niece's puppy Hank. Moby has been around for a few years. Enough to settle down a bit anyway. :)