Friday, October 8, 2010

Reflections, crazy fun and where did it go?

- This view from a parking lot in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, with its crape myrtle tree, reflection of a golden building, parking deck surveillance and a building with stair steps to the sky.

- Some graphic designer coworkers took me to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show once - just a crazy fun experience, complete with audience interaction. One of them sends me this message: Preorder and download songs from Glee: The Music - The Rocky Horror Glee Show by Glee Cast on iTunes. Must have this.

- Friend Jennifer's new employer is offering "A DAY OFF to the winner of the company Fright Fest Costume Contest." So, she is now officially entertaining all unique/creative/non-store-bought/non-scary costume ideas. That sounds like a great employer to me. :) Halloween must be coming up - where has this year gotten to?

I hope you have frightfully good weekend, my friends!


G. B. Miller said...

1) Very cool reflection in the building.

2) I think "Rocky Horror" meets "Glee Music" would work in my house---for my wife, not for me.

3) Ahh...Halloween costumes at one I ever did was a psycho pizza delivery man, complete with severed arm in pizza box. Called "The Jeffery Dahmer Special--All Natural Ingredients".

desk49 said...

A lot going on in one little photo
I think the tree was not the view
One of the worst movies ever made
Yet millions have seen it, and I have to
In fright fest your friend Jennifer
Will try to be the very best
For just that extra day off
She hopes to beat out all the rest

Jannie Funster said...

Let's go up to the lab
and see what's on the slab...

I experienced the Rocky Horror rice, water and black lace garters in a theater once too!

AWESOME photo!! Love it. And YOU!!

UG at G's # 3. :)


Blue Bunny said...

forth! i leeving the forth kommint -- not bad on sutch a poplar blog as yors, my luvvly lynn.

i haz 5 diffrint kostumes for haloween this yeer, i sure my jannie wil show yoo to them.


Fireblossom said...

it's just a jump to the left...step back to the right...:-)

Lynn said...

G -

Thank you and I love Glee. I usually late to the party on TV shows - my friend Beverly got me started watching the reruns and I'm watching the new shows this year. Love those performing arts numbers. :)

And that is a GREAT sounding costume - very creative and simple. But to scary to suggest.

Ellis -

You are right - I snapped the photo because of the reflection of the building and then noticed all the other stuff when I downloaded it. There is also a glimpse of the expressway below.

Thank you for my poem! Love it. I'm thinking you didn't enjoy Rocky Horror. :)

Jannie -

They gave me a list of things to bring to Rocky Horror. So much fun. :) Thanks for the love - back atcha! xo

Blue Bunny -

Wow - five? I hope to see each and every one.


FB -

I couldn't get that dancing down, but it was fun to try. :)

TALON said...

That is a cool shot, Lynn. It's got so many neat things to feast on!

I think adults forget how to play and Hallowe'en is a great way to remember! I bet there will be some stunning costumes at Jennifer's company!

Meredith said...

Jennifer's employer sounds awesome. Wish more could get into the spirit of the thing like that!

That photograph is so lovely, Lynn. It made me feel I was right there with you, enjoying the moment. :)

LL Cool Joe said...

I've never seen the Rocky Horror show. I can't believe that really!

I love the refection in that photo.

Have a great weekend Lynn.

Riot Kitty said...

Neat photo! I've never seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show either.

Ileana said...

Love the shot of the building! It's beautiful.

I have yet to see the Rocky Horror Pic Show...and I CANNOT imagine the Glee version. :)

PS - Have a wonderful weekend...and hope you get to catch a good, frightening flick soon! They're on TV all month!

Maude Lynn said...

To preserve my sterling reputation, I shall not reveal how many times I have seen Rocky Horror!

Hamid said...


sage said...

Nice reflections--I shot a bunch of such shots last week up in Grand Rapids for art prize, but haven't posted any yet. Sounds like a nice contest--i suppose I could do that with my employees, but I'll be in Latin America on Halloween.

Lynn said...

Talon -

My ex-company, BellSouth, used to do that - we were asked to come in costume. It made for a fun day. My friend Steven and I came as Blackeyed Peas once. We wore gray sweatshirts and pinned a big letter P to the front and blackened out one of our eyes. Easy. :)

Meredith -

You probably know just where that is - the parking lot of Maggiano's in Buckhead. It's good to see you - I've missed you.

Joe -

Thanks Joe - the reflection was really what caught my eye, but I noticed all the other stuff when I downloaded the photo.

Going to a Rocky Horror event is fun.

Riot Kitty -

It would be the greatest fun to go with you and Joe to see it. We'll have to coordinate props. :)

Ily -

Yes - I keep spotting the scary movies on TV.

Looks like you need to come to the Rocky Horror showing, too!

It's good to see you - I missed you this week.

Mama Zen -

Ah - I'm glad to hear that. :)

Hamid -

Thank you!

Sage -

I'll look forward to seeing your photos. And that would be great to throw out to your employees when you are in town.

Granny Annie said...

I had forgotten about THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. My children and their friends would go to see it every Friday night and each would dress as some character. I felt it was probably inappropriate but my kids seemed to enjoy it so much I didn't rain on their parade

Lynn said...

Granny Annie -

That one time I went, I got a certificate for being a "Virgin" - that being the first time I went to Rocky Horror. I stuck it on my refrigerator and I saw my dad looking at it when he visited - he threw me a look and didn't comment. :)

Snaggle Tooth said...

Leave it yo you to find a great view from a parking place! Cool pic!
I haven't done that theater experience either, however have seen one of the audiences on vhs!
i'm really not much of a cult member... But do like a fun dance n show.
Costumes. I'd suggest a walk thru an iparty store for ideas. She could always invent a new superhero. The funnist I've seen was "Duct Tape Man"- from hat to shoes!

Lynn said...

Snaggle -

Someone told me once - do you know what is better than a roll of duct tape? Two rolls of duct tape. :)

Hope you have a good week, Snaggle!