Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bramble, friendly and change of seasons

- Something I don't run across every day - a raspberry bramble.

- Delivering a client's print job to his home, a friendly beagle ambles up the drive to greet me and accompanies me to the door. Inside, a beautiful home with a large teddy bear sitting on the couch.

- A flock of geese forming a V and flying south. The 3-4 geese in the front jockey for position before they situate themselves and take on the next part of their journey.


Fireblossom said...

There is a beagle named Sasha on my route. She is always excited to see me. I have several little dog chums. :-)

desk49 said...

A raspberry bramble
I hope no one was stuck
A friendly beagle and bear
Now you were in luck
The geese in the flock
Were jockeying around
Who was going to be where
As they flew out of town

Riot Kitty said...

I want raspberries now!

LL Cool Joe said...

I'm terrified of dogs, so any them that come to greet me send me quickly going in the opposite direction!

Jannie Funster said...

Another lovely trio.

Raspberries are my favorite wild berry of all! I LOVE them in cobbler.

Was it on this blog or another I read about geese leaving an open spot in the V when one of them passes on to heaven suddenly? Hmmn, who wrote that? I should remember. Talon, I think. Yes, Talon! It's all coming back to me now. (And Kelly says I have a bad memory!) :)


Lynn said...

FB -

This one is named Rudy and he is very old. They have that system in which the perimeter of the yard is wired so he doesn't go out of it.

It's good to have dog chums. :)

Ellis -

A good poem! Thank you for it.

Riot Kitty -

I love them, too - these were at the folk school just behind a pottery booth.

Joe -

This one is a pacifist.

Jannie -

I still love blueberries the most - raspberries, a close 2nd.

I love seeing the geese fly in formation - I don't remember the post about the missing member formation.


TALON said...

Did you steal some berries? They taste awesome right off the vine!

The other night when I took the dogs out, I could hear honking nearby. It was almost midnight and some goose was lost somewhere I think. He/she wasn't flying, but he was probably calling out for a flashlight or something. Very strange!

My first dog was a beagle. They're such sassy funny dogs!

Sara said...

Lynn -- Wow. I just lost my comment. So, I giving you another one.

Did you eat any of the raspberries? I didn't grow up with berries, but we had hibiscus flowers and we'd drink the nectar. I remember it as being very sweet.

Beagles are funny to me. They follow their noses anywhere. It was nice for the beagle to accompany you to the door. The large teddy bear sitting on the couch...well, that's a bit weird:~)

We have geese just starting to visit us. I like to watch them fly over in the evening, honking the entire way to the lake.

I enjoy these snippets of your life. Thanks:~)

Louvregirl said...

Did you eat them?:)

sage said...

A beagle and teddy bears--sounds like the making

Snaggle Tooth said...

Did you eat the berry?
Don't ya just love the friendship of Beagles? Our neighborhood beagle Buddy followed me all over for years. Great off the leash, too!
The geese want to go further south than Georgia? I haven't heard any all week here! But I spied 2 herons n a whooping Crane at M-cove last week- they did not pose!

Lynn said...

Talon -

I didn't eat the berry since it was part of the folk school's garden. :)

Poor goose! Hope it was OK.

And I love beagles, too. I told my client that his "attack dog" accompanied me to the door. :)

Sara -

I love listening to the geese, too.

They have small children - hence the teddy bear on the couch. :)

lg -

No - no eating. :)

Sage -

Sounds like the making of a happy home to me! :)

Snaggle -

My family had a beagle - mom and dad got him after we left home and he lived to be an old dog. I have a soft spot for them.